Who Is Addicted To Meth?

In the wake of the opioid epidemic sweeping both the nation and the world, stimulant drugs like meth are being left out of the headlines. Google search “meth” and find a wealth of local news article highlighting arrests, drug busts, and new strains of the drug found nearby. Little attention is being paid to the millions of people who continue to struggle with meth addiction. Meth is often characterized as being a drug for low-income areas. However, meth finds its way into the lives of anyone who finds it. According to Louise Stanger in an article for Huffington Post, the face of meth addiction is changing.

Detailing the evolutionary history of meth use and meth addiction in the US, Stanger highlights the recent movement of meth to the northern California area, primarily the San Francisco Bay area and the neighboring silicon valley. Tech executives, venture capitalists, engineers, programmers, and everyone in the race for the next big thing in digital technology started using meth. As a stimulant amphetamine, meth produces an electric high which creates an abundance of energy, awareness, alertness, hyperfocus, and the ability to be uninterruptedly productive for hours on end- even days on end. Many execs in the tech industry turn to psychopharmaceuticals to give them a competitive and creative advantage. For example, low dosing is a term used to describe the use of hallucinogenic substances like psychedelic mushrooms.

From the tech industry, the use of meth spread to other parts of the bay area for different reasons. One of the prominent populations struggling with meth addiction is in the bustling LGBT community in San Francisco. Gay dance clubs are riddled with meth dealers, meth use, and meth addiction. Meth enhances the clubbing experience, lets men party for days on end, and creates an exceptionally insatiable sex drive which becomes part of the addiction.

Stanger reports that the evolution of social media and dating apps for the gay male community, apps like Grindr, are hotspots for selling and purchasing meth. Men are known to hook up with other men as favors to gain meth and continue to party. Problematically, an ongoing issue in the gay male community is HIV/AIDS and STD’s. Meth can be and frequently is, used intravenously. Sharing needles under the influence of meth, after many days of partying and exhaustion, can lead to poor choices which result in the transmission of sexual diseases.

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