What to Expect from Rehab Treatment

Southern California Addiction Treatment Programs

Get Real Recovery offers full continuum of care and four levels of outpatient services. We understand that every client and family is different.

Through the right treatment, you can achieve freedom from addiction—and lay a foundation for lasting recovery. Get Real Recovery offers individualized care that is proven to be safe and effective. And, with our Executive Rehab program, you can seek the help you need with minimal disruption to your professional life. Not only is our executive program strictly confidential, but it allows you to work remotely, staying connected to everything that’s going on at your place of business.

Individualized Treatment and Care

At Get Real Recovery, we do not believe in taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we tailor everything we do to meet the needs of our clients. Your path may not look like your neighbor’s, and that’s okay. We want to discover the process that works best for you.

With that said, there are a few big-picture points we can make about addiction treatment at Get Real Recovery.

  • Our facilities are safe and serene. We offer you a peaceful place to focus on improving your health.
  • We also provide a full spectrum of care, from detox to all the way through outpatient support.
  • We assess the underlying causes of addiction—addressing not just the external symptoms, but the underlying triggers.

Our Approach to Rehab

Though we work with each client to develop their own road map to recovery, we do provide a range of services to accommodate different client needs—among them:

  • Individual therapy
  • Small support groups
  • Behavioral thrapy/coping skills
  • Holistic healing (mind, body, spirit)
  • 12-step components

In addition, we can help our clients develop the tools they need to manage and mitigate stress—preventing future relapses or ongoing problems. Some of the stress reduction options we provide include:

  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga
  • Beach walks
  • Acupuncture
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Assisting our in-house chef in the kitchen

Finally, note that Get Real Recovery provides a number of life coaching courses—including personal finance, resume building, and beyond. Our goal is to help you transition back into “normal” life, totally free from addiction and its ill effects.

The Rehab Journey

The rehab journey can be characterized by four basic steps:

  1. The process starts when you contact Get Real Recovery and ask for help. We’ll start working with you on an individualized recovery plan right away.
  2. The next step is detox, which will rid your body and mind of any harmful toxins that have built up.
  3. The final step is Full-day or half-day partial hospitalization, where we’ll help you transition back into your “regular” life.

Again: It all starts when you contact Get Real Recovery and ask us about individualized care. We’ll start mapping out your personal rehab journey right then and there. Freedom from addiction is yours—and you can claim it by contacting our team right away.