– March 29, 2017

Depression is characterized as being in the doldrums. Sad, emotional, moody, unmotivated, and a loss of lust for life are often ways we illustrate depression. Sometimes, we talk about the other side of depression- hyperactive, angry, compensating, productive- which paints quite a different picture. There is another kind of depression which rarely gets any attention called smiling depression. According to Huffington Post, “It’s appearing happy to others and smiling through the pain, keeping the inner turmoil hidden. It’s a major depressive disorder with atypical symptoms, and as a result, many don’t know they’re depressed or don’t seek help.” Those who are aware they are depressed, the article explains, simply keep their depression to themselves.

Who Has Smiling Depression?

People who are married, have serious partnerships, maintain a job, and have a list of accomplishments in their lives including an education are the ones who smile through their depression. How their lives look on the outside do not match the depression they feel on the inside. Since their youth, they have likely struggled with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, leading them to prescription medications and therapy, the article writes.

The people who live with smiling depression are not different in their depression in any other way than the fact that they excel in deceit, denial, and deflection.  Smiling depression simply means hiding one’s depression and suffering silently in order to keep up appearances and not cause major disruptions in life. Though this may work for a while, it will prove to be a failed method when actual change occurs.

Keeping a smile doesn’t make everything okay. Hiding depression is not an insurance policy against the many difficult situations life can bring. Loss, trauma, conflict, abandonment, and many other life changes including normal transitions like aging happen on their own terms. Depression which goes unacknowledged and untreated during these phases can become problematic.

Opening Up About Depression

Depression is not a failure, a flaw, or a defect. Over 300 million people are affected by a kind of depression in their lifetime. As one of the most common mental health conditions, there is no shame in admitting that behind a pristine life there is a deep depression. Without treatment, depression can worsen, lead to substance abuse, or even lead to suicide- though, as a standalone form of depression, there is not a frequent link to suicide and/or suicide attempts.

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