There are so many different types of addiction that it is sometimes difficult to understand the problems which face us. At Get Real Recovery, we provide a range of resources aimed at combating addiction and increase understanding of what can be a dangerous issue.


This handy guide is part of this. Read on to discover more about addiction types, and to learn about the options available to you.

Types of Addiction

This is where you will discover more about the numerous different types of addiction, some of which may be surprising. Let us help you get to the bottom of the problem, and begin your fight against addiction.

  1. Alcohol 

One of the most common forms of addiction in the United States is addiction to alcohol. With so much pressure on us to drink – ranging from a quick cocktail after work to a few beers for a friend’s birthday – it is no surprise that so many of us succumb.  When alcohol becomes something we depend upon – when we begin to ‘need’ alcohol to function normally – is when serious problems occur.

2. Caffeine 

Perhaps the most socially acceptable of all addictions, caffeine addiction is worryingly common. While most of us do not view caffeine as particularly damaging, overuse can cause gastrointestinal issues, heart complaints, and damage to our mental health.

  1. Computer/Internet 

Computer Addiction


In our ultra-connected world, it is no surprise that many of us feel dependent on our computing devices or on the internet. Social media addiction is a serious problem in the United States – with 18% of social media users saying that they cannot go more than a few hours without checking Facebook – and its debilitating effects should not be underestimated.

  1. Criminal behavior 

The ‘thrill’ of committing a crime is too much to resist for some, and criminal behavior can rapidly become addictive. This can lead to serious problems, including repeated convictions and even incarceration.

  1. Sugar 

Many of us get a bit too much sugar in our diet, but we might be surprised to learn that sugar addiction is a genuine concern. As sugar is severely detrimental to our health, addiction to sugar – either through comfort eating or another psychological manifestation – can be dangerous.

  1. Gambling 

Gambling Addiction


Gambling is another addiction which is linked to a search for thrill and excitement in life. It is difficult to argue that betting on a sporting event or at a card table adds a bit of spice to proceedings, but all too often this gets out of control. Addiction to gambling can leave you seriously out of pocket, and your life in ruins.

  1. Gaming 

Gaming is a great distraction from the rigors of the modern world, but it can get out of hand. Spending too long playing games can have seriously negative effects on your life.

  1. Love & Relationships 

Love is a wonderful thing, and the relationships it brings about can be similarly positive. But it can also cloud our judgment. Falling in love too easily, or falling in love with the wrong person, can be a form of addiction in itself.

  1. Money 

The pursuit of money over all else is an often overlooked type of addiction. It can lead us to lose sight of what is really important, like our human relationships or our own health.

  1. Prescription Pain Killers 

Prescription Pain Killers 


Many people consider over the counter drugs to be safe, and therefore difficult to become addicted to. However, this is not the case. Painkillers can be highly addictive, and can seriously ruin lives if people become too dependent on them.

  1. Religion

For many people, religious beliefs are a guiding light in the world, and a way to find meaning amongst the apparent chaos. But this, like many other things, can easily get out of hand. Your religious beliefs should not impact negatively on your life, or on the lives of others. If this happens, there is a problem.

  1. Sex & Pornography 

Of all the types of addictions, addiction to sex and pornography can be the most difficult to come to terms with. Sex and pornography addiction affects nearly 12 million people in the United States and represents a significant risk.

  1. Street drugs (e.g. Heroin, Meth, Cocaine, Cannabis, Flakka, etc.) 

When people think of types of addiction, perhaps this is the first one that springs to mind. The availability of street drugs and the criminalized world which surrounds them makes drug addiction extremely dangerous. Factor in their extremely addictive natures and you have a recipe for catastrophe.

  1. Work

Work Addiction


Being a hard worker is a much-prized attribute in modern society. But it is possible to take this too far. If work becomes an obsession and begins to harm your health or your social life, this could be the beginnings of an addiction.


Addiction FAQs

How do I know if I am addicted?

There are many different types of addiction, as we have seen, and these tend to manifest in different ways. One rule of thumb for knowing if you are addicted or not is to ask yourself – is this behavior damaging my life in any way? If you answer yes, and the behavior is difficult to stop, then this is an addiction warning sign.


Are some types of addiction worse than others?

Contrary to popular belief, there are no types of addiction which are ‘worse’ than others. You must instead consider the effects and impact on your life. When these effects get out of hand, there is a problem.


What is causing this addiction?

There are many different factors which lead to addictive behaviors. These range from work stresses and friendship groups to genetic predispositions to addiction. In most cases, there is not one direct cause.


I am a high functioning addict, do I really have a problem?

High functioning addicts may be able to maintain their health, their professional life, and their human relationships alongside their addiction. But the danger is always there. Even if you are high functioning for the moment, it is important that you seek help.


What should I do to help combat my addiction?

Your first step to combating addiction should be to talk to the experts. At Get Real Recovery, we have a range of different programs available to provide you with the help you need.


Get in touch today with Get Real Recovery, Inc. and begin your journey towards a life free from addiction.

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