– April 10, 2017

Relapse for depression is common, but complicated. As a mental illness, depression has triggers, relapse processes, and tools to use in order to avoid a relapse. Living with depression means never knowing on which days you might wake up, feeling like you can’t get out of bed because you’re in a major depressive episode. After going to treatment and learning how to identify your feelings and triggers, you can often tell when an episode might be coming. It is possible to live with depression without always being in a major depressive episode. Here are tips for helping yourself stay balanced mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress is a chronic issue which puts pressure on the brain. Depression can be triggered by stress, which can turn into emotional stress. Ways to reduce your stress include:

Being mindful about how much work, responsibility, and tasks you take on
Noticing how much of people’s energy and emotion you are allowing to affect  you
Practicing mindfulness and meditation techniques to reduce stress
Eating well, getting regular exercise, and living a healthy, balanced, lifestyle
Going to therapy, attending group, and making time for self-care
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you separate your thoughts from your behaviors by identifying what thoughts inspire certain behaviors. Tools from CBT help you to change the way you think about and relate to the world, which can reduce a lot of stress and alleviate painful emotions.

Eat For Depression

The right diet can help the brain function in a way that reduces the pain of depression. There are certain oils, fats, and acids, the brain absolutely needs to function properly, but can only get from food. Omega fatty acids, and amino acids, for example, only come from food. One of the best meals you can eat for depression would include avocado, eggs, and a whole grain like wheat or brown rice.

Remember Feelings Aren’t Facts

Some days, all the tools in your tool box simply won’t work. You’re going to feel depressed and you’re going to be overwhelmed by your feelings. Remember, feelings aren’t facts, but passing emotions. There might be some wisdom hidden beneath your feeling which you could investigate in a healthy way without ruminating or obsessing over your feelings. Just remember that this too shall pass and you will feel better again soon.

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