Structured Sober Living

Structured Sober Living - Recovery Aftercare

The goal of a structured sober living is to help the individual succeed in aftercare and become adjusted or re-adjusted to living normal, day-to-day life. After inpatient treatment, often times aftercare is recommended as part of the treatment plan and a structured sober living environment can be a key component in that process.

Structured Sober Living

Our Promise

At Serenity House, we help bridge the gap between inpatient rehabilitation and the introduction back into society by providing a safe environment for men and women suffering from substance use disorders. We believe that continued structure and support early in recovery gives our guests the best opportunity at maintaining sobriety and living a productive, meaningful life.

– Ben Stilman, Owner/Operator

While there is a standard by which sober living environments ought to operate, not every sober living home abides by them and no two are alike.

Look for whether or not they meet the very basic criteria set forth by their local or state accrediting agency if there is one. Sometimes it’s simply an organization like the Orange County Living Coalition.

Either case, it is important to note the level of structure when you are seeking an aftercare. Some homes may allow too much freedom and have a lack of accountability.

Fortunately, this type of necessary and useful housing is protected under the Federal Fair Housing Administration(FHA).  Without this level of support, the good-doers are left vulnerable to municipalities that challenge their necessity, thereby, leaving the well-intentioned person in recovery no place to go.

Venado Men's House

Waterwheel Women's Home

Get Real Recovery offers structured sober livings that far exceed the basic criteria and we believe this high standard helps keep the individual in line and on track with their recovery, and which sets us apart from the rest.