Suboxone for Heroin Addiction


Suboxone is a substitute therapy drug used to help wean opioid addicts off of opioid drugs. Though the medication is helpful, it can be problematic.

Suboxone Has Similar Effects

Buprenorphine in Suboxone combined with naloxone creates a balanced combination of effects. While the opioid-based buprenorphine provides all of the analgesia and pain relief that opioids do, the naloxone blocks the ability to receive any euphoric high off the drug. Though there is no direct euphoria, there are similar sensations to being high on heroin. Users still experience “nodding out”, a state of drifting in and out of consciousness. Nodding out is dangerous when someone is using heroin or an excess amount of opioid painkillers. Unconscious, they are unable to notice their heart-stopping.

Suboxone Comes With Withdrawals

Some doctors feel that Suboxone is an acceptable alternative to recovery if it keeps heroin addicts away from heroin. However, feeling under the influence to the extent of nodding out can feel like little difference. Suboxone withdrawals are reportedly worse than withdrawal from heroin and opioids. After spending some time on suboxone to come off of heroin and opioids, many patients then have to undergo supervised detox to withdrawal from suboxone.


Get Real Recovery offers residential detox programs for suboxone tapering and management.

Suboxone Isn’t Meant To Be Long Term

Suboxone can create a chemical dependency of its own because of the severity of its withdrawal symptoms. Over time, people can develop a tolerance to suboxone and require a higher dosage. Many find themselves caught in a  trap of suboxone and heroin. Suboxone keeps them away from heroin. However, without suboxone, the cravings become so severe many impulsively return to heroin. Addiction treatment specialists feel that this lifestyle doesn’t provide the freedom that abstinence in recovery can. Ultimately, the decision to stay on suboxone long term needs to be made by the individual in support of their doctor.

Treatment Is Possible Without Suboxone

Under the proper medical supervision, treatment for heroin addiction without the use of suboxone and other medication replacement drugs. The short-term use of suboxone can be essential for successful recovery.


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