I Am Ready to Seek Treatment for Addiction

Southern California Addiction Treatment Programs

Get Real Recovery offers full continuum of care and four levels of outpatient services. We understand that every client and family is different.

Freedom from addiction is attainable—and the first step is simply admitting that you have a problem. We congratulate you on taking that crucial leap, and we look forward to helping you down the path to lasting healing, wholeness, and health.

The next step in your journey is working out a plan for individualized care. That’s something we can help you with. When you reach out to us at Get Real Recovery, we can immediately begin putting together a road map for your path to freedom. We invite you to call and speak with an addiction care specialist today.

The first thing to know about our Executive Rehab option is that it’s individualized. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We want to do what works for you, which may involve some combination of individual therapy, small support groups, 12-step programming, holistic treatment, and more. We also offer life coaching, relapse prevention, and stress management techniques. The goal is to provide you with recovery that lasts.

Something else to note about our Executive option is that it is tailored for busy, high-performing executives. We can work around your schedule and allow you to do your job remotely. We’ll also ensure that that everything is kept completely confidential.

Through Get Real Recovery, we know that you will find hope, healing, and long-lasting freedom from addiction and its effects.

There are a couple of things we can tell you about Get Real Recovery from the outset. The first thing is that we truly believe in taking a tailored approach—not in offering one-size-fits-all solutions. We will work closely with you to determine a treatment path that fully addresses your needs, and sets you up for long-lasting health and wholeness.

And that’s something else we should note: We do not believe in quick fixes, and we know that recovery doesn’t happen overnight. What we want to do is get things right, providing you with a foundation for addiction recovery that lasts a lifetime. This means equipping you with all the tools you need to prevent relapse, even as you transition back into “normal” life.

We invite you to act now—and to make a huge leap forward in your path to recovery. Addiction care specialists are standing by to talk with you about your needs; to help you develop your road map to recovery; and to guide you down the path to lasting peace.

Seek freedom from addiction today. Reach out to our team at Get Real Recovery to start the

The important thing to remember is that addiction, though certainly serious and even life-threatening, does not have to be permanent. Simply by admitting that you have a problem, you have already taken an important step toward lifelong freedom.

Reach out to us at Get Real Recovery, and find acceptance, compassion, understanding, and hope. Contact us today to begin your addiction recovery.