Get Real Videos

Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean with a caption reading, "Serenity is everywhere and all yours if you really want it."

A new report shows that three out of four scientists have concluded that serenity is good for your health.

The most powerful force of nature is the mother within. Addiction is rough. Call if you need some mothering.

Tiffany & Nicole Just Got Sober. So like, why don't you give it a try? What do you have to lose?

Stay Calm and do the opposite is a tool recovering alcoholics use to re-wire their automatic responses until doing the right this becomes natural.

That white stuff didn't turn out as fun as you though, huh. Time to call.

Photo of a Boxer breed dog looking all over the screen and chasing a black computer mouse pointer.

Courtroom setting with many women and men in work clothes and reading glasses and green bankers lamps. caption reads Serenity is Legal. We Checked.

Be honest. If your inner child was doing this [showing tears of pain], would you know it?

Your disease is waiting and so are we. Green hat background.

This is John. John just got clean and sober, and so can you.

Think you're too busy to get sober? Our Executive Track is specifically tailored for professionals so you can recover and not fall behind in your career.

Don't walk alone. Take Get Real Recovery with you.

A plane is flying through the sky and soars over the land below. Don't crash and burn. Our pilot program is FAA approved and is specifically for addicted pilots.

A family is hanging out and spending time together. Think your family is not affected by your disease? Think again. Ask about our Family Education Program so we can help you all recover.

Say thank you even through the hard times. Grateful people are happy people. We can show you how to get there, don't struggle alone.

The sun rises while a plant sprouts and blooms. Get up, get clean, get through, get real.

Four monkeys are on the phone as they play and laugh. Relax, don't worry, and call us...we don't monkey around. Professionally-trained specialists are standing by.

Surface scratches or emotional wounds: Which run deeper? You guessed it, emotional wounds are the toughest to heal. We have professionally trained clinicians that will help you uncover, discover and discard.

Disease doesn't care if you can do a hundred push-ups. It can do 1,000 while you sleep. Stop letting it run your life.We will make it easy for you.

Hey you. Yeah, you. Don't be a mess, give us a try already.

A woman wipes glass squeaky clean with a squeegee. Don't you wish getting sober was that easy? Leave the detox to us and wipe yourself clean.

A Year from now you'll wish you had started today. The time is Now.

GRR was featured on CBS' This is LA TV show.

This Christmas get drug-free so you don't become this guy.

Easy does it. Let the world turn without you tonight.

Flying may be your business; safe landings are ours. GRR's FAA-approved pilot program will help you to stay on track with your career and your sobriety.

What are you waiting for? Take the plunge. Now is the time to Get Real.