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Flight To Transformation - Larry Smith

FLIGHT TO TRANSFORMATION: Beating The Turbulence of Addiction

Date Released: October 1, 2017

Addiction starts with pain and ends with pain. Ride the highs and lows of alcohol and drug addiction as a fighter pilot and commercial airline captain, Larry Smith's success descends into a dangerous tailspin. Lying naked at gunpoint on his kitchen floor seemed to be his final destination, but instead, it fuels Larry's flight to recovery. Not until he discovers how to fill his emotional void does his spiritual awakening begin to take off.  A flight to transformation that's logged in this raw and inspirational book about climbing to your personal peak.

Get real about your own self-discovery as you buckle in for a bumpy journey to destination recovery.

InRecovery Magazine - November 2017 Interview With Larry Smith

Excerpt from the Interview:

InRecovery Magazine: Can you kindly share more of your spiritual insights?

Larry Smith: I’ve read numerous books on spiritual guidance and am constantly jotting down thoughts and ideas that come to me after prayer and meditation. I include spiritual bites in each chapter and expound upon quotes from well-known celebrities to help give the reader topical insights. I also make regular use of the advice I give, in my own personal life. My goal isn’t to preach but rather to inspire by sharing my experience.

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Flight to Transformation