Lori Cattern-Smith


Lori Cattern Smith Clinical Director and Co-Founder Get Real Recovery

Lori Cattern Smith is the Co-founder and Clinical Director of Get Real Recovery. As a hands-on owner, she oversees all clinical activities and personally monitors the day-to-day treatment of all clients attending Get Real. She has over two decades of experience working in the addiction and behavioral health fields.

She has been on staff as an advanced level case manager and counselor at many treatment facilities and has an impeccable reputation in the recovery community.

About Lori

Lori’s expertise includes; denial & anger management, identifying self-sabotaging behaviors, facing fear head-on, and building self-esteem through empowerment. Lori understands that each client has different needs. Lori’s directness and compassion put clients and their families at ease with the recovery process.  Her approach is compassionate, however, she never waivers from the personal responsibility one must take in their own recovery.


Lori is a graduate of the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) in San Diego, CA. OHI focuses on Holistic Healing and how the Mind, Body, and Spirit unifies in recovery. She is certified in EEG, Neural-feedback.


Lori is an advanced level Reiki practitioner and brings an authentic warmth to everyone she meets. Lori’s has an amazing ability to work with the diverse populations in addiction recovery. Lori has achieved long-term sobriety and understands firsthand the ravages of addiction.


Lori administers the FAA Mandated Commercial Pilots Monitoring Groups. This includes all levels of care for pilots with substance abuse issues. She works closely with professionals in the business, medical and legal fields. There is never an ego too big or self-esteem too small for Lori to dismantle and transform into a healthy and happy individual.


She has guided over 50 pilots, helping them procure and maintain their FAA Special Issuance Medical Certificates. Presently she oversees 21 pilots from the private sector and commercial airlines.