Hedley Green

Hedley Green – Get Real Recovery, Inc

Hedley Green moved to the United States from England 25 years ago. He had held a number of senior positions within the Barclays Banking Group.  He spent two years on attachment with the bank’s operations in Charlotte, NC, and New York. During his time in the US, he has had a very diverse career and held Executive level positions within large corporations.

Hedley operated his own Consulting Company for several years focused on sales and business development. He was the EVP of Sales for a company focused on providing services that offer quality healthcare within the mental, behavioral and substance abuse industry.  Hedley was then CEO of a pain management clinical device company.

More About Larry Smith

Larry, a retired USAF officer and fighter pilot and a retired Commercial Airline pilot, has logged over 21,000 flight hours. Larry was involved with United Airlines Pilots EAP program for 14 years.

Besides being responsible for all Get Real’s activities, he is a national speaker on enabling, positive psychology, and the neuroscience of addiction. He also makes TV appearances educating the public on addiction recovery.

His first book “The Daily Life Plan Journal” was published in 2010 and is endorsed by TVs’ Dr. Drew. “Flight to Transformation” will be published in October 2017 and “Get Your Sh*! Together” will be available in the Spring of 2018.