Addiction Recovery – This is Your Year

With the beginning of the new year, it is time to stop dwelling on the past and begin focusing on the present and, ultimately, the future. Some people take the new year as a time to make resolutions to improve themselves throughout the year such as addiction recovery. This is a great idea. However, it is best to work on making small differences every day. Starting every day with making and reviewing goals and possible ways to improve yourself is a great way to make sure you stay on track.

Addiction recovery is something we must strive for, and work on, throughout our entire life. Persistent improvement and adjustments as needed will help on this path to recovery. Recovery is difficult to maintain at times. As such, we are here to offer some helpful tips to ease the journey.


One of the most helpful things we can do in our lives when facing difficult times is focusing on the present and not worrying about our past mistakes or future problems. Mindfulness is the act of becoming aware of your surroundings, self, and feelings as they come forth. Mindfulness can be as simple as just taking a moment and focusing on your breathing, observing the beauty of nature, or it can even be done while eating. Here is a helpful list of mindfulness exercises and anyone can do. The important thing to remember about mindfulness is not to get down on yourself if you feel like you are “doing it incorrectly.” If what you are trying to do is helping you with your troubles, you are perfectly fine. In time, it will get easier.

Small Steps

The phrase “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” while cliché, is true nonetheless. Every little step you make on your journey to recovery is a change for the better. At times, changing too quickly can actually be a hindrance to recovery and lead down the wrong path. If something seems insurmountable, it helps if we focus on the small things we can control and break down the imposing walls one brick at a time. Often, when we focus on the small things, the large problems will fade away before we know it. Remain on your recovery path by taking small steps and improving little by little.

Focus on the Good

In life, we tend to focus on the bad things or mistakes we made throughout our day. We never give ourselves the appreciation we deserve. If you take some time each day to congratulate yourself for the positive things you have done, you may be surprised at the difference it makes to your well-being. The items do not have to be extravagant either; congratulating yourself for making a good choice is perfectly fine. Often, the congratulating yourself for the smallest good deed will far outweigh the negativity we face throughout the day.

Learning from Mistakes

Part of improving ourselves comes from learning how to get past our downfalls. Everyone makes mistakes, it is how we respond to and overcome the complications that make the difference. Getting down on yourself for mistakes instead of learning from them will eventually lead back into the muck of depression. A helpful adage to remember is, “Never get stuck in the negative muck.” When you fall, pick yourself up, learn from the mistake, and adapt better strategies for avoiding the pitfalls in the future. No one starts off perfect and it is OK to fail… as long as you are willing to learn from the slip-ups and keep adding new strategies to improve.

Surround yourself with Supportive People

Recovery is a difficult journey, even more so without people who support you. By avoiding negative people and reaching out to positive people in troubling times, you can make your path to recovery that much easier. Reach out to those that support you, encourage you, and help you feel better about yourself.  If you find that you do not have positive influences in your life, Get Real Recovery is able to connect you with people that are.

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