– April 09, 2017

Recovery heals the brain. Spending time in treatment without the persistent presence of drugs and alcohol helps us to think more clearly. Key operations in our brains have a chance to revive themselves and begin working again. Each month, we gain a little more cognitive clarity and a greater ability to think, express, understand, articulate, and more. As we gain back our brain power we start to feel a little more productive than we have in a long time. Many of us get jobs, go back to work, start school, or go back to school. More quickly than we realize, life gets full, with tasks to accomplish, goals to achieve, memories to make.

We’re told to take things one day at a time in recovery. One day can include a million different things. Returning to a state similar to normal, we return to some old behaviors for getting things done, like taking short cuts and multitasking. Since we are sober, with so many demands, we feel it’s okay to dip out of the present moment when needed and spread our attention to multiple areas at once. Multitasking isn’t good for the brain. In fact, it’s exhausting. Though we think we are getting more done, we’re actually not. One day at a time can be applied to one task at a time, one class at a time, on project at a time. Being present and focused on the here and now is an essential practice no matter what we are doing.

Health.com writes that multitasking isn’t even multitasking, but rapid task-switching. The brain can’t process too many things at once. Even though it feels like you’re doing many things at one time, you’re really just giving each thing a shorter and shorter attention span. Additionally, going back and forth between multiple things doesn’t help you get them done any more quickly. Multitasking slows you down and slows down your work, making it more difficult to get things done in an efficient way. Energetically, you just aren’t capable of shifting so frequently. Your energy is best spent when it is put into one task at once. Studies on multitasking have found that switching between tasks can cause 40% loss in productivity, the website reports.

Most importantly, when you’re busy taking care of everything at once, you’re missing out on everything. Recovery has given you the tools to stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath, and take a look around you. While you’re living busy again thanks to recovery, don’t forget to be busy living as well.

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