Manage Business Anxiety

Manage Business Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can cause business complications. Business complications can cause anxiety. While you integrate your recovery life with your business life, use these four tools.

1. Recognize Your Resistance To Making Decisions: If you’re waiting to have every single duck in a row with every ounce of information you need to make an important decision, you’re going to wait a long time. The business life is a metaphor for real life, on a more extreme scale. There is sacrifice, commitment, willingness, and action. Creating business is lie seizing opportunities in life. If you sit and think about them too long, you’ll think them right out of existence. Don’t let “analysis paralysis” become a detriment in your ability to be successful. I could lead to depression at work.  Ground and center yourself using mindfulness techniques and layout the possibilities. Recognize that you won’t know everything, but you’re aware of your resistances. “Live and let God” is a common saying in recovery which means you have to carry on living your life and let the higher powers that be take care of the details.


2. Set Limitations On Your Obsessions: Obsession is another term for narrow-mindedness. When you become obsessed with a problem you can lose sight of the solution. It is easy to become preoccupied with being preoccupied rather than focus on the goal at hand. Avoid getting lost in your obsessions which get in the way of your ability to be productive. When you are starting, managing, or running a business, there are thousands of things which demand your attention. This is also true for life. Our eyes have to be open to seeing everything at once as much as possible.


3. Keep Your Perfectionism In Check: Part of the reason we obsess over small details instead of conceptualizing the bigger picture is our need to be perfect. Perfectionism and the business life can be too closely intertwined. Perfectionism is an endless ladder– there will always be more rungs to climb. Eventually, you become delusional in what is acceptable work and what is not. Your life is a product of your making as much as what you create through your business. At some point, you have to have done enough and what you’ve done is good enough.


4. Don’t Fear Success: All that glitters with success isn’t gold. If success was so easy to obtain and wonderful to embrace people wouldn’t make such earnest efforts to sabotage it. Success can be scary. There is no reason we shouldn’t get what we want and work so hard for, but there is a certain fear in getting it. Investigate your fear of success and fear of what lies on the other side of success to manage business anxiety. You can work to let those fears go and work through them.

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