Addiction recovery is a journey. It is not something that happens overnight; it is something that you must continually work on. Whether you’re 30 days into recovery or 15 years into recovery, chances are, you’ll hit a few rough patches. But it’s how you handle these challenges and keep moving forward in sobriety that matters.

The risk of relapse is always there, no matter how small, but the more you can focus on staying positive, applying what you have learned in treatment, and making healthy choices, the more you can curb this risk. Here are just a few ways that you can bring more optimism, positivity, and motivation to your recovery:

  • Set goals: Decide what it is that you want to work toward and establish some short- and long-term goals for yourself. Make sure they’re realistic and obtainable with some effort. (You don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment with a lofty goal you won’t realistically be able to meet.) Break down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks so you can see progress as you go along and stay motivated.
  • Keep a gratitude journal: When you’re feeling down, it can be tough to see the silver lining. Remind yourself of everything you’re grateful for by jotting it down in a journal. Then, you can pull it out and reflect to boost your mood.
  • Surround yourself with positive people: Find those friends who make you laugh and feel good about yourself. The ones who support your recovery and keep you moving forward. Stay away from people who zap your energy, are always complaining, and are a poor influence.
  • Find new hobbies: Get back into activities you used to enjoy like painting or playing piano, and also explore new ones. Maybe you’ll find that tennis, birdwatching, or gardening is something you really enjoy. Don’t be afraid to try new things and pursue your interests.
  • Take care of yourself: Part of staying positive is making sure you are well nourished, get plenty of sleep, and stay active. Make self-care an integral part of your recovery so you can continue doing the things you enjoy with more energy and enthusiasm.
  • Volunteer: What better way to boost your mood than by helping others? Gain a renewed sense of gratitude by spending time working with a favorite charity or a local organization you’re passionate about. Giving back can be very rewarding, give you a sense of purpose, and remind you that you can make a difference.

Outpatient treatment at Get Real Recovery can help you achieve better balance in your life while staying on track with your recovery. Learn how to cope with real-life challenges you face while still having the support and guidance of Get Real Recovery’s clinical team and others in recovery. Make long-term recovery a reality by taking steps to stay positive and fight back against risk of relapse.

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