How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost and benefit of getting the proper care and treatment for addiction is well worth examining. Get Real recovery creates affordable luxury drug and alcohol treatment to help meet the needs of those in need.  Patients recover in a comfortable facility under the direct supervision of well-trained medical staff.


Drug rehab can be a tough process and ought to be supervised by highly-experienced and trained specialists in the field of addiction, drug dependence, and abuse.  The process is relatively costly and can be out of reach without adequate resources.


It is a cold, hard truth that only a handful of addicts will receive the treatment they need, and an even a smaller handful receive quality treatment.  We are expecting great improvement, however, with federal aid and intervention and growing awareness through various media platforms.

Many Rehabs to Consider

There are a number of options when it comes to addiction treatment, ranging from opiate rehab centers to detox rehabs. The service and amenities can be expensive. And they aren’t the same or even similar in terms of quality, in many cases.  Be sure to inquire about all costs involved in weighing the benefit.


Some turn to outpatient drug rehab programs in an effort to cut down on costs, but these individuals are deprived of round-the-clock care. Outpatient programs may help addicts financially, but it will limit their addiction treatment experience and may prolong the entire addiction treatment process


Receiving inpatient care can not only speed up recovery but also create a solid foundation upon which to build a successful life.  The education received at GRR while doing a 30-day program is incomparable to that of an outpatient one.  The education, one-on-one connections with counselors and intensive group therapy make it well worth the investment.  We also provide three nutritious meals prepared by our resident chef daily, top-of-the-line amenities, fun outings, and a team of experts ready to provide assistance at any time of day.

Why Credentials Are Important

Would you go to a doctor who isn’t licensed?  Or a therapist who had complaints filed against them?  Would you invest thousands of dollars into an educational program that isn’t properly vetted by credible industry standards?  We hope not.   You will benefit from inquiring about this important credentialing less you may endure an additional unforeseeable cost.

Get Real Recovery is accredited by the highest standard in rehabilitation centers.  Joint Commission: Accreditation Healthcare Certification (JCACHO -pronounced “jayko”) is considered higher than that the one issued by the Commission Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  Look for the gold seal. And don’t be fooled by facilities that trick your eye and put CARF into a gold seal.  If you come across such a facility, run for the hills.

Actual Costs of Drug Treatment Programs

Addiction center costs come in many forms:  amenities, food service, cleaning services, peripheral programs, salaries, insurance, and maintenance.  All of these come at a considerable price to the provider. And it’s a cost worth paying.  Consider the alternative – accidents, jail, sickness and death by overdose.


You will benefit from Get Real Recovery, Inc. because it employs only the best and most experienced professionals in the industry, with the goal of providing the best care possible.  Addiction is a very challenging condition to treat. A team of dedicated and compassionate addiction treatment specialists and counselors will make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.


Years ago, alcoholics or drug addicts would have likely been fired from their jobs. Society has evolved to adapt to situation demands. Unfortunately, however, the process of addiction has stayed the same throughout the centuries: That is to say, one drink is too much and one hundred is not enough.


Alcoholism and drug addiction have long since been considered illnesses, and, as such, employees victimized by these conditions are provided financial support to help them get back on their feet.  They can then resume as productive members of the company with which they are employed.

Types of Options

The number of employers including drug rehab as part of their employee benefits program (EAP) is steadily growing in number, and this is a good thing.  The last thing families want to worry about while a loved one undergoes addiction treatment is how they are going to pay for treatment.


Recently,  there’s been a growing number of available of payment options in many top drug rehab facilities in the country.  Be sure to ask if you can set up a payment plan for any out of pocket or deductible requirements..


Banks and lending institutions have come to the aid of these facilities and their patients by offering low-interest loans that will assist these patients financially and defray much of the cost.


Some families are fortunate enough to have the resources in place to pay in cash.  And arguably, often times this is the best route.  When you make a personal investment, the likelihood of you staying sober over the long-term is far greater.


The majority of those seeking treatment have insurance.   Only a subset of those insurance policies though covers mental health and substance abuse.  Make sure when shopping for policies that it pays for substance abuse on all levels.  These include detox, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and out-patient.

What if I don’t have cash or insurance?

Call us anyway.


We have resources for you and qualified industry partners.  There is no need for you to shop around. We’ve done the work for you by carefully vetting every facility we work with, and both in and out-of-state.


In sum, as technology makes drug rehabilitation services easier and brings about new methods of treatment, drug rehab costs will go down. Getting the best possible health care is important, and will soon be accessible to everyone.

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