Executive Track Recovery

You don’t have to start from the bottom of the business ladder after you’ve hit bottom in your drinking and using. Thanks to programs like Executive Track Recovery at Get Real Recovery, you can continue working and managing your business while you stay in residential treatment to heal. Once you go back to the office, you’ll be an entirely different person and an even better boss.

You Share Your Wisdom, Experience, Strength, And Hope

Your employees look up to you for your expertise, leadership, and courage in running your company. That is why an executives recovery program may be right for you. After going to treatment and getting your feet back on the ground, you are full of more life wisdom than you were before. Leading your employees in terms of work is one important part of being a boss. Leading your employees in terms of life is another. Don’t hold back all of the experience and growth you’ve transformed through in treatment. Sharing your story and the hope you’ve gained through recovery could change your employee’s’ lives in deeper ways than ever before.

You Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, You Celebrate It

Small victories are still victories. Small setbacks are challenges. Now that you’re in recovery, you have an entirely different perspective on celebrations and setbacks. Little accomplishments on behalf of your employees as well as your business are milestones and should be celebrated. By learning to forgive yourself and acknowledge the positive parts about you, you’re practicing doing so for others. Throughout treatment and recovery, you receive praise and encouragement for staying sober one more day. Getting through a work day can feel like an equal challenge. Remember to support your company culture with as much enthusiasm as your support your peers in recovery.

You’re More Accountable Today

Accountability is critical in executive track recovery in order to learn about showing up and handling responsibility. The biggest form of accountability in recovery is staying sober one day at a time. Accountability goes farther than that once you start applying the tools of recovery to other areas of your life. Being accountable to your business and employees means receiving criticism where it is due, owning up to your mistakes or shortcomings, and acting swiftly to amend any harms done. You’ll set a better example and shift the common culture of blame and avoidance.

Get Real Recovery offers a continuum of residential care designed to help you eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors and build the self-esteem you need to live a successful life of sobriety. For more information on our programs, call 866-983-3651.


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