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What Club Drugs are the Most Dangerous?

Club drugs are dangerous for many different reasons, including the adverse reactions that can occur when taking them. Often times they are combined with other harmful chemicals and can have very serious side effects. Not only are they dangerous, but in places like night clubs and dance parties, date rape is common and is often hard to predict. The consensual use of these drugs can result in increased tolerance, leading to an eventual chemical addiction or dependency and many of these drugs have severe withdrawal symptoms.

Alexandra LaFollette
Alexandra LaFollette, on October 15, 2019

What Happens to the Body When You Detox?

Detox is the first step of a comprehensive alcohol or drug rehabilitation program. When your mind and body become addicted to drugs or alcohol, it forces your body’s (and especially your brain’s) chemistry to function differently. Chemical changes occur in your brain, digestive system, skin, blood stream and internal organs throughout an addiction to one or multiple substances. Regardless of whether it’s alcohol, prescription drugs, heroin or methamphetamine, quitting cold turkey, with no assistance can obviously be very difficult. Once a chemical dependency is created psychologically and physically, your body will need to adjust to the absence of those substances, which is best completed in a medically-supervised setting.

Kreed Kleinkopf
Kreed Kleinkopf, on September 27, 2019

What is Outpatient Treatment & How Does It Work?

Have you or a loved one recently just begun struggling with an addiction and are wondering what options are available for treatment? Generally, there are two main types of treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction, inpatient drug rehabilitation and outpatient drug rehabilitation. ​Outpatient treatment​ is designed for those with a mild addiction who also lead a busy life and feel as though they can maintain sobriety with a lower level of care. It allows the freedom to manage everyday…
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Alexandra LaFollette
Alexandra LaFollette, on September 2, 2019

6 Relapse Triggers for Drug Use & How to Avoid Them

Relapse triggers are environmental, social, mental or emotional situations that remind someone in addiction recovery of their past drug and alcohol use. These triggers are like mental cues that can create the innate urge for someone to use alcohol or drugs again. Situations like this may lead to a relapse if left unchecked. Different triggers affect people in different ways and they can greatly increase the likelihood of a relapse. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) 40-60…
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Kreed Kleinkopf
Kreed Kleinkopf, on August 23, 2019

Larry and Get Real Recovery attending the HIMS conference September 24th-26 in Denver Colorado

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Larry Smith and Get Real Recovery to Attend HIMS Conference September 24th – 26th in Denver, Colorado San Juan Capistrano, CA – August 27, 2018 – Alcohol and substance abuse are serious problems among pilots today. It’s one that the Human Intervention Motivation Study, or HIMS, strives to improve. The organization brings together the efforts of companies, pilot unions, and the FAA to preserve the careers of pilots and increase air safety. HIMS is an occupational substance…
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P C, on August 31, 2018