Flakka Designer Drug Kills

What is a designer drug?  The dictionary defines it as a “synthetic analog of a legally restricted or prohibited drug, devised to circumvent drug laws.”

Over the past two years, the U.S. has seen a surge in the use of synthetic, designer drugs.  These are made from legal chemicals which can mimic the dangerous effects of cocaine also, amphetamines, and other illegal stimulants. These designer drugs are often sold at small, independent stores in misleading packaging which suggests common household items.  These items bath salts, incense, and plant food. The substances inside are powerful, mind-altering drugs. These narcotics have been linked to bizarre and violent behavior across the country.

Law enforcement officials refer to the drugs collectively as “bath salts,” (banned by the federal government in 2012) or “guinea pig” drugs because the user doesn’t know what he’s taking or the strength of what they are taking, moreover more often the dealer doesn’t even know what he’s selling.

Aquarium Gravel

The designer drug “Flakka,” aka “Gravel” (because of its white crystalline chunks often compared to aquarium gravel), causes a high similar to cocaine.  Young people, in particular, are being targeted with a cheap high that costs less than $5.  A small overdose of the drug Flakka can be smoked, injected or snorted and can cause hallucinations, psychosis, and violence.

In Texas, at least 20 hospitalizations a day and a dozen deaths have linked to Flakka abuse.  In Broward County, South Florida at least 4-5 hospitalizations a day occur due to Flakka use alone.  Users can experience extremely high body temperatures, 105 to 107 degrees, and hallucinations.  24-year-old Mike Haney of Chicago experienced a psychotic reaction to a Flakka overdose and ran around the neighborhood naked until he blacked out.  Others have experienced feelings of superhuman powers and invincibility from this designer drug.

The DEA and Flakka Designer Drug Use

The DEA has reported that the Flakka designer drug is being cut with rat poison and insecticides and it combines some of the most dangerous drugs in the world with a perfect chemical storm for killing oneself or others.  It is not possible to control the dosage and as a result, a little bit of difference in how much is consumed can be the difference between getting high and dying.

Effects of Flakka Designer Drug Abuse:

  1. Psychosis
  2. High can last several hours from a single dose
  3. Hypothermia
  4. Kidney Failure
  5. Permanent neurological damage
  6. Death from overdose

The Flakka drug is being brought in from China and is also being sold on the internet.  Often dealers give Flakka to first time users for free just to get them hooked. If you are confronted by or aware of anyone selling or distributing this lethal designer concoction you should immediately make an anonymous report to drug enforcement authorities or local police.

In sum, if you have been affected by the use of designer drugs please reach out to us at www.getrealrecovery.com or call 866-983-3651 to speak with a trained addiction counselor

– Barry Diamond, Writer/Comedian/Actor

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