End the Cycle of Addiction


To understand and end the cycle of addiction means to first understand addiction itself. Addiction is a behavioral state that is generally characterized by compulsive and uncontrollable substance abuse. Most commonly abused substances are street drugs and alcohol.  However, it is also found in gambling, food, sex, relationships, internet, work, prescription medication, etc.


I am an addict. What I am addicted to is not important.  Addiction is addiction; not all addictions are alike.  If you are reading this blog there is a good chance you are an addict or love one.  How we become addicts and break the cycle of addiction are the issues which must be addressed.  Likely a gene in our DNA predisposes us to some type of addictive behavior.  That notion may come as a relief, but it does not forgive us of our responsibility for our behavior.


Human beings find comfort in “routine.” When that routine includes the abuse of substances that chemically stimulate the brain it can cause problems. Health, relationships, income, or self-control are adversely affected.  In those instances, addiction is probably present.


When I was using and abusing there was not a morning I could remember that did not begin without the routine of me smoking a joint or two.  It wasn’t even because I was feeling stress or anxiety when I woke up.  I wasn’t. The only time I felt stressed or anxious was when I ran out of pot!  I would smoke pot throughout the day and into the evening until I smoked that last joint before I went to bed.  This was my routine every day for many years.  I could not break the vicious cycle of getting high whenever I felt I needed to numb out and alter my reality.


How to Break and End the Cycle of Addiction


Marijuana addiction may appear to be less harmful than say opioids or alcohol. In Fact, the consequences of addiction are similar or equal to each other. I use marijuana as an example of what is characteristic of all addictions. They all have their routine and cycle of use.  The trick is to interfere with that routine and break that addiction cycle. Only when the substance abuse cycle is broken can change be both possible and probable.


The most successful course of action is to simply take you out of your environment and place you in a “controlled and comfortable” space.  At Get Real Recovery, located in beautiful and serene San Juan Capistrano, we provide a variety of outpatient and residential programs. Our facility is fully licensed, credentialed and staffed 24/7. Addicts receive on-site specialized individual care throughout the day.  The most important goal of residential treatment is to immediately change your routine.  While not a cure, it is the critical gateway to guide the person addicted down the path to recovery. This is based on their own unique needs and circumstances.


There are very few among us who have the tools and self-discipline to break the cycle of addiction by ourselves. To be successful in meeting these challenges, we need the help and support of friends, family and professional practitioners.   The reward of a sober and manageable rest-of-your-life is worth it!

-Barry Diamond, Writer/Comedian/Actor

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