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Get The Best Quality Opioid Detox Treatment

Opioids are often prescribed as painkillers. They're highly mentally and physically addictive. As a result, even well-meaning individuals may become addicted and slip into abuse. An estimated 80% of heroin users abused prescription opioids first.

Medication-assisted detox is the most comfortable way to treat opioid dependence. This can take place without a long withdrawal period. We use an intake exam to determine the extent of each patient’s opioid addiction, which we use to create a custom detox program for them. This often includes a buprenorphine prescription, which allows even heroin addicts to switch over to a safer, medically managed drug without experiencing strong withdrawal symptoms.

If you or a loved one is addicted to opioids of any kind, whether prescription painkillers or heroin, detox is the first step into a life of recovery.

The opioid detox program at Beginnings Treatment Center is the first step of recovery. Our personalized approach means that every person detoxing receives individual attention, custom withdrawal care, and physical and psychological attention.

Our opioid detox facility is complete with all the resources and amenities you need to recover safely and with dignity.

Customized Medication Assisted Detox



Detox, Safety & Comfort

We have many resources available. This provides you with fast access to the proper treatment in a comfortable environment. The detox process is made comfortable.


Professional Supervision

Our professional team is 24/7, monitoring your health and well-being. With constant physical checkups, we make quick adjustments to medication. This keeps everyone as happy and comfortable as possible.


Counseling and Treatment

You'll have access to our top team of professionals. We offer counseling alongside therapy sessions and group meetings. This ensures that everyone has the support and emotional care they need to recover.

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"This program changed my life. I thank God every day for letting me have the opportunity to meet their amazing staff and counselors who don’t judge you and truly understand what it's like to be in our shoes. The care and love you receive from the people in this program will change your entire outlook on living a sober lifestyle. -Chris T.

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Get Real Recovery Center

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Our detox process includes the following timeline:

Intake and Assessment

During intake, patients are given a thorough assessment so we can learn more about opioid use history, personal medical history, and to identify any physical or mental complications which may require treatment. We use this information to create a custom detox program, which is then adjusted for the patient as detox progresses.

Professional Supervision and Medication

Opioid withdrawal is not typically fatal, but our professional team is on hand 24/7, monitoring the health and well-being of our patients. With regular physical checkups, we can make adjustments to individual programs and medication to keep everyone as happy and comfortable as possible.

Beginnings Treatment Centers may use medication-assisted detox to speed up the opioid withdrawal process. With buprenorphine and complementary medication, most patients move through the detox process in about 5-7 days.

Counseling and Therapy

All detox patients have access to a full team of professionals including licensed therapists. With counseling available alongside therapy sessions and group meetings, we work to ensure that everyone has the support and emotional care they need to recover.

Everyone becomes addicted for differing and often deeply personal reasons. Emotional and social backgrounds, living conditions, mental and physical health, and other factors all play into how and why you will recover.

Custom Treatment

For example, you will need a custom and personalized attention to truly detox from opiates if you:


  • Have a very high opioid tolerance

  • Use opioids in combination with other drugs (which can create life-threatening withdrawal symptoms)

  • Pain management issues (if you were prescribed opioids to manage pain)

  • Have a co-occurring disorder such as anxiety or depression


At Get Real Recovery Center, we work to ensure that each patient receives the custom and personalized care they need to recover. That’s why all of our treatment is based on personal care, with program adjustments throughout the detox process to ensure a complete recovery.