– April 24, 2017

Addiction and alcoholism are rooted in and are often surrounded by shame. Shame causes us to feel as though something about the way we are and who we are is wrong. There is nothing wrong with you. Now that you’re in recovery, you’re doing the most important thing right you could, learning to stay sober one day at a time.

Show Your True Self

Every day that you stay sober and work a program of recovery, you are figuring out who you are more and more. One year at a time, you will be a different, more evolved, and even better version of yourself. It’s true you’re changing, but you’re becoming authentically yourself as you do. For every quirk and unique part about you, there is no need to hide who you are anymore.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Goals

For a time you might have thought your goals were out of reach, that you weren’t good enough to achieve them, or that they weren’t good enough to be chased. Recovery is a renewed chance at life. After coming so close to losing everything, including your ability to live, recovery is an opportunity to live the way you would have been living without drugs and alcohol. Define your dream and go after it. Anything is possible.

Embrace Your Struggles And Difficulties

Addiction and alcoholism are commonly co-occurring with mental health conditions like depression, ADHD, and anxiety. Your struggles and difficulties make you who you are, which is a strong, courageous, and capable person. Embrace what you’ve been given to work with and make the most of it. View your struggles as assets rather than liabilities.

Accept Your Family For Who They Are

Shame usually comes from a dysfunctional family system. You don’t have to hide, manipulate, or control what your family does and who they are. Through your work in treatment and therapy, you are going to learn how to find freedom in accepting your family for whom they are. The more you learn to accept yourself, the easier this will become.

Discover Your Likes And Dislikes

For many people, addiction and alcoholism can be like taking on roles. We often find we feel as though we have lived as different people, unaware of who we really are. Along the journey of recovery, you will discover authentic things about you, like what you like, what you dislike, what you need or want, and what you don’t. Those opinions make you, you. There’s no need to hide them.

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