I’m Dr. Brendan Bickley and as a psychologist, I’ve seen first-hand the damage that addiction can do—not just to individuals, but to their families as well. Thankfully, that’s not all I’ve seen. Working in addiction recovery for more than 20 years now, I’ve witnessed just how effective clinical intervention can be. I’ve seen that therapy works. I’ve seen that recovery can be achieved and maintained.

That’s what I want this blog to be about. I plan to write about the grim realities of addiction, but never without optimism and hope. I aim to be candid about how substance abuse can damage lives, but I also hope to offer practical advice on how you can pick up the pieces.

Here’s a little bit of my own background. Since 1997, I’ve consulted in addiction treatment facilities, helping recovery communities provide the best clinical interventions for their clients. I’ve lent my expertise to a number of rehabs, and now am happy to be working alongside the skilled team at Get Real Recovery. I’m passionate about helping people with addiction, and I’m an enthusiastic ambassador of recovery.

This blog will be clinical in its focus and scientific in its approach—but it will also be completely readable and relatable, even to the layperson. I’m not here to impress anyone with technical language. I’m here to help. That’s what addiction recovery is all about, and I hope it’s something this blog will achieve.

Keep reading, in the coming weeks, as I delve into more topics related to addiction and rehab.

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