Depression At Work Might Look Different

Employee Mental Health - Get Real RecoveryAfter completing treatment, you’re keen to notice signs of depleting mental health in your employees. Working through depression is hard. Your employees might be doing their best to cover the signs and keep their job.

Signs of Depression at Work:

  • Difficulty cooperating with colleagues and teams
  • Lack of motivation to go beyond expectations
  • Meeting minimum requirements instead of surpassing them
  • Staying isolated from the office and turning down meetings
  • Asking people to leave when they enter the office
  • Frequent visits to the bathroom or taking breaks outside the building
  • Loss of normal positive attitude
  • Drop in productivity
  • Calling in sick, missing important meetings, and falling behind deadlines

In contrast, depression could also result in hyper-productivity and an overcommitment to work.  Instead of feeling feelings and try to cope with them, some people with depression throw themselves into their work. They take on extra workloads or sign up for more responsibilities in order to avoid how they’re feeling.


How To Help Employees Struggling With Depression

As an executive in recovery, you’re familiar with what it takes to heal depression and develop a lifestyle which supports positive mental health. Here are the ways you can support your employees while they learn to support themselves:

Offer mental health days. If you notice someone is struggling, check in with them about their life, what’s going on, and how they’re feeling. It might seem like a loss of work day. Taking a mental health day will let them know they cared for at work and can take care of themselves. Over time, this will lead to less loss if depression were to worsen.

Help them find treatment. Depression is often co-occurring with substance abuse. You might have systems in place with a human resources department for helping employees find help. If not, you can work with your company insurance provider (EAP) to find the best treatment program for them.

Encourage team walks and activities which take them away from the desk. In jobs where a full eight-hour workday is spent at a desk, it is imperative to get out of the environment and into nature. Research has proven that taking a fifteen-minute walk on a lunch break can improve wellbeing and reduce stress at work.

Building leaders in recovery are what we do at Get Real Recovery. Our affordable luxury residential treatment programs are designed to help clients heal mind, body, spirit while eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors which stand in the way of successful recovery.

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