– April 05, 2017

Article after article has been written debating the validity of yoga as a viable tool for mental illness treatment. Yoga has been proven to reduce symptoms of stress which can be caused by mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder. Yoga can relax the body, clear the mind, and create a greater sense of wellbeing. By focusing on the breath, listening to soothing mantras, and systematically stretching the body, yoga works with numerous systems in the body to create positive effects.

TIME cites a recent study which found after three months of regular yoga classes, breathing exercises helped people with depression, even if they were currently on regular doses of antidepressant medications. The reduction of depression symptoms was not insignificant. On a depression-screening questionnaire, participants in the study lowered their scores by at least 50%. Anyone who is living with depression and struggling to manage it would likely try any kind of yoga to feel at least 50% better. Researchers found that people who were prescribed higher amounts of yoga classes, three classes per week, had even lower scores than those who did just two a week.

Yoga has benefit to be proven as a valid treatment method for depression. Citing the study’s lead author, the article writes that a yoga practice “…has far fewer side effects and potential drug interactions than mood-altering medications.” The only negative side effects researchers discovered during the study are typical to yoga including muscle soreness.

According to research, the article writes, “…40% of people on antidepressants do not recover fully from depression.” A 50% reduction in depression symptoms is a significant number. 40% of people being treated for depression who do not recover is also significant. Yoga could be a life-changing and a live-saving practice for such individuals. Untreated depression, or treated depression which continues to worsen, can lead to fatal behaviors including suicide and substance abuse. Turning to substances like drugs and alcohol is a coping mechanism for people with depression. Yoga is a healthier, safe, and more productive way to live with depression and work towards overcoming it in a balanced way.

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