Cost and Benefit of Rehab

Rehab Cost

How Much Does Rehab Cost? The cost and benefit of getting the proper care and treatment for addiction is well worth examining. Get Real recovery creates affordable luxury drug and alcohol treatment to help meet the needs of those in need.  Patients recover in a comfortable facility under the direct supervision of well-trained medical staff.   […]

Opioid Addiction Abuse: Masochists’ Destruction

Opioid Addiction Abuse

Masochists: Destruction from Opioid Addiction Abuse Are you a masochist?    Do you like pain?  Opioid addiction abuse has no doubt become an epidemic of epic proportions. Two million Americans are addicted to opioids including those who have moved onto to heroin or even worse.  Fentanyl, Oxycontin, Percocet or Vicodin, which are ALL highly addictive […]

Tough Love for a Heroin Addict: A Death Sentence?

tough love heroin addict

Heroin Addict Tough Love? It’s an emotionally draining process in the extreme trying to get help for kids who are possessed by drugs. Addicts are tricky and using tough love on a heroin addict, or any type of addict for that matter could be a death sentence.  Remember, addicts are manipulative, powerful and have ironclad […]

Physical Symptoms Of Depression

Physical Symptoms Of Depression

Depression is a mental health disorder which affects mind, body, and spirit. The brain and the body are intimately connected. What the brain feels the body also feels when it comes to depression. However, how the body portrays what the brain feels might be different.  There are several physical symptoms of depression that one may exhibit. […]

How Do Weighted Blankets Help With Anxiety?

Weighted Blankets - Get Real Recovery

Medical professionals have been using weighted blankets to ease patients for many years. Helpful in reducing stress and anxiety, weighted blankets have been a trusted source of stress relief and aiding in treatment sessions for therapy and medical procedures. Today, weighted blankets are becoming a popular tool for reducing stress and anxiety while someone is […]