6 Relapse Triggers for Drug Use & How to Avoid Them


Relapse triggers are environmental, social, mental or emotional situations that remind someone in addiction recovery of their past drug and alcohol use. These triggers are like mental cues that can create the innate urge for someone to use alcohol or drugs again. Situations like this may lead to a relapse if left unchecked. Different triggers […]

Sober Life: 5 Tools for the First 30 Days of Recovery

First 30 Days of Recovery

Living a Sober Life:  5 Tools for the First 30 Days of Recovery Congratulations!  Living a sober life is the biggest and best decision you may ever make in recovery.  It is critically important that you get some tools to help set right your mind. All the changes you are about to face will require […]

Addiction Recovery – A New Year, A New You, in 2018

Addiction Recovery – This is Your Year With the beginning of the new year, it is time to stop dwelling on the past and begin focusing on the present and, ultimately, the future. Some people take the new year as a time to make resolutions to improve themselves throughout the year such as addiction recovery. […]

Should Those in Recovery Make New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year’s Resolutions Good for Recovery? For many people, a new year brings with it a clean slate—a fresh chance to make some significant personal changes. That’s what the New Year’s resolution process is all about—resolving to change your life in some way, big or small, that will transform you into a happier, healthier, or […]

Talk with Your Family About Recovery This Holiday Season

Holiday Season Recovery

Holiday Season Recovery with Family During the holiday season, many families spend time together, gathered in celebration. This can be an ideal time to talk with your loved ones about your own addiction recovery. Doing so is never easy, yet it can be essential to gather their encouragement and support.   As you consider ways […]

Keep Your Addiction Recovery on Track This Thanksgiving

Keep Your Addiction Recovery on Track For those who are in addiction recovery, the Thanksgiving holidays aren’t all fun and games. While it can be encouraging to spend time with loved ones, it can also be stressful. That, combined with the easy access to alcohol, sometimes makes relapse a big concern. The good news is, […]

Understanding the Power of a Morning Routine

Morning Routine

The Power of a Morning Routine Are you a morning person? Some people leap out of bed each morning, bursting with energy and optimism for the day ahead.  Others most assuredly do not and would prefer to linger under their warm, cozy covers for as long as possible.  Then what, they have to to rush through […]

A Common Link Between Cookies and Meth?

Cookies and Meth

Drug addiction and overeating, while not exactly the same thing, have a lot in common. At least, that’s what a recent New York Times story on meth and cookies reports. According to the story, those who eat their way into poor health don’t like it any more than those who abuse drugs and alcohol—so why […]

Is Your Loved One Addicted to Painkillers?

Addiction to opioids—and specifically to opioid painkillers, such as codeine and morphine—is an American epidemic. It’s impacting countless lives, and it may even be something your spouse, parent, sibling, or other close loved one is dealing with. The good news is that there is hope for addiction recovery, and clinical intervention can provide true freedom […]

5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Better Sleeping Environment

Waking up after a full night’s rest can be incredibly refreshing. Your mind feels clearer and more alert, your body feels energized, and you’re ready to face the day. When you don’t get a good night’s sleep, it can leave you feeling cranky, sore, and tired throughout the day. Sleep is important to your health […]