What is Outpatient Treatment & How Does It Work?

Have you or a loved one recently just begun struggling with an addiction and are wondering what options are available for treatment? Generally, there are two main types of treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction, inpatient drug rehabilitation and outpatient drug rehabilitation. ​Outpatient treatment​ is designed for those with a mild addiction who also […]

6 Relapse Triggers for Drug Use & How to Avoid Them


Relapse triggers are environmental, social, mental or emotional situations that remind someone in addiction recovery of their past drug and alcohol use. These triggers are like mental cues that can create the innate urge for someone to use alcohol or drugs again. Situations like this may lead to a relapse if left unchecked. Different triggers […]

Roxicodone Addiction Treatment

Roxicodone Addiction Treatment

Roxicodone:  Side-Effects, Withdrawals, Recovery Roxicodone (often called “roxies/roxys” or “blues”) is one of the brand names for oxycodone, a powerful opioid prescription painkiller. Roxicodone is prescribed to alleviate pain that cannot be managed by non-opioid pain relievers. Roxicodone addiction treatment is only available through qualified treatment centers like Get Real Recovery. Withdrawals from Roxicodone Abuse Someone […]

People Drive Under The Influence Of Drugs More Than Alcohol

Diving Under the Influence

People are Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs More Than Alcohol Driving under the influence doesn’t mean just alcohol.  The looming reality of legalized marijuana across the nation has caused an increase in conversation about driving under the influence (DUI).  People are worried that driving under the influence of drugs, like marijuana, will become just […]

How is the Opioid Epidemic Affecting the Economy?

Opioid Epidemic Affecting the Economy?   Before the opioid epidemic took full hold, people were skeptical as to the relationship between doctors prescribing opioids and the rate of addiction. Recent studies which have shadowed emergency room doctors found that high prescribing doctors, meaning they had a higher rate of prescribing opioids, had patients who were […]