Suicide Prevention, Myths and Signs

Celebrity Suicide

Suicide Prevention A long-term solution to a short-term problem. That’s suicide.  A kind of darkness that begins and ends from within. The silent, voiceless, unrelenting scream that never gets heard.  It neither seeks harm to itself nor others. It instead craves the cessation of pain.  That’s suicide.   Celebrity suicide, or death by suicide in […]

Is it Time for Professional Help?


Some people struggle with the thought of whether they need to go to rehab or not. Some people find the thought of telling their family and friends that they have a problem with substance abuse to be a terrifying concept. But, how do you know if you need help or not? These questions may be […]

Turning Prisons into Transformation Centers

Transformation Centers

Turning Prisons into Transformation Centers Brief History of the Prison System Part 1: Derived from the concept of “penitence” over two hundred years ago, Quakers and reformers in Pennsylvania developed the institution of the penitentiary. Its purpose was for sinners to engage in hard labor and think about what they had done (Mauer, 2006). The […]

Why is Drug Addiction a Crime in America?

Drug Addiction Crime America

Drug Addiction a Crime in America? War On Drugs In America? Is it a War? Drug addiction is considered a diagnosable disease, just like cancer, diabetes, and HIV. So why do we arrest people who are sick of being sick? Would we arrest someone for being diabetic and carrying around a needle and insulin? Of […]

Recreational Marijuana Legalization in California | GRR

Recreational Marijuana

Likely results of recreational marijuana use in California?   First, let’s talk about recreational marijuana, or pot, as a drug in relation to drug rehab treatment, or addiction treatment. Having treated thousands of addicts in drug rehabs over the years, one commonality amongst almost all of them was the regular use of marijuana.   This doesn’t […]

Drug Rehab Fraud – Find Drug Rehabs Right for You | GRR

Drug Rehab Fraud

Drug Rehab Fraud – Find Good Drug Rehabs You may or may not have heard about a few drug rehabs across the country, particularly some Florida addiction treatment centers, sober living homes, and organizations that have been investigated for drug rehab fraud in the last few years. There are two primary types of fraud allegations […]

Predictors of Adolescent Drug Addiction

Teen Drug Addiction

Is Your Child A Drug Addict? It is hard to predict who will become addicted to drugs. Not every adolescent who experiments with drugs will become addicted.  Of those adolescents who experiment with illicit drug use, only a small percentage become severely addicted.  Those that do get addicted fall into one of several categories; those who […]

Doctor’s Opinion

Get Real Doctor Opinion Blog

I’m Dr. Brendan Bickley and as a psychologist, I’ve seen first-hand the damage that addiction can do—not just to individuals, but to their families as well. Thankfully, that’s not all I’ve seen. Working in addiction recovery for more than 20 years now, I’ve witnessed just how effective clinical intervention can be. I’ve seen that therapy […]