What is Outpatient Treatment & How Does It Work?

Have you or a loved one recently just begun struggling with an addiction and are wondering what options are available for treatment? Generally, there are two main types of treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction, inpatient drug rehabilitation and outpatient drug rehabilitation. ​Outpatient treatment​ is designed for those with a mild addiction who also […]

Women and Alcoholism

Women and Alcoholism

Women and Alcoholism How a Glass of Wine a Night has Turned into an Addict Wine is often considered a classy drink, a reward for the busy, sophisticated man or woman, something to be sipped, tasted, and enjoyed over dinner. But when a glass poured for decompression turns into one poured out of need, we’re […]

Identifying Alcoholism – Physical and Behavioral Signs

Identifying Alcoholism

Identifying Alcoholism Identifying alcoholism as an active drinker is seldom seen.  Most of us do not like to think we have lost control of our drinking.   Like most every other alcoholic, I, too, was ashamed to admit I had a problem. It wasn’t as if I was falling down in the street or making a fool […]

Sober Life: 5 Tools for the First 30 Days of Recovery

First 30 Days of Recovery

Living a Sober Life:  5 Tools for the First 30 Days of Recovery Congratulations!  Living a sober life is the biggest and best decision you may ever make in recovery.  It is critically important that you get some tools to help set right your mind. All the changes you are about to face will require […]

First Step To Recovery

First Step to Recovery

First Step to Recovery: Stop Flying Solo What compels us to take that proverbial ‘first step to recovery‘?   What compels us to do that which is bad for us?  Why do we repeatedly self-inflict pain when we know our choices are bad and that they are destructive?  We actually DO CARE, yet CANNOT STOP! […]

Tough Love for a Heroin Addict: A Death Sentence?

tough love heroin addict

Heroin Addict Tough Love? It’s an emotionally draining process in the extreme trying to get help for kids who are possessed by drugs. Addicts are tricky and using tough love on a heroin addict, or any type of addict for that matter could be a death sentence.  Remember, addicts are manipulative, powerful and have ironclad […]

Is it Time for Professional Help?


Some people struggle with the thought of whether they need to go to rehab or not. Some people find the thought of telling their family and friends that they have a problem with substance abuse to be a terrifying concept. But, how do you know if you need help or not? These questions may be […]

Addiction Recovery – A New Year, A New You, in 2018

Addiction Recovery – This is Your Year With the beginning of the new year, it is time to stop dwelling on the past and begin focusing on the present and, ultimately, the future. Some people take the new year as a time to make resolutions to improve themselves throughout the year such as addiction recovery. […]

Common Excuses for Putting Off Rehab

Addiction recovery professionals typically say that freedom from addiction can be achieved through clinical intervention—but it’s vital to pursue recovery sooner rather than later. Putting it off can make things that much worse, and recovery that much more difficult. Despite this warning, there are many who know they need help, but delay seeking it. There […]

Alcoholism Crisis in America Major Concern

Alcoholism Crisis

  Troubling new data shows that the alcoholism crisis has reached epidemic proportions in America, with one in eight American adults now struggling with alcohol addiction. This marks a noteworthy increase, largely as more and more women and elderly people find themselves fighting against alcoholism. Alcoholism Crisis – More Than 12 Million Struggle with Alcoholism […]