Brittany Hovden


Brittany Hovden works in the marketing department as our Admissions and Intake Coordinator. Brittany has been sober for over 7 years and has a vast understanding of the treatment industry, specifically pertaining to young addicts and alcoholics within Orange County. The treatment program she attended in 2009 played an integral part in her early recovery, so she strongly believes in the culture here at Get Real Recovery.

Brittany completed her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Oregon State University and will go on to graduate school for Psychology. In addition to her role here at Get Real, Brittany is a Sober Companion and Life Coach, where she works one-on-one with individuals suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues. She also worked for many years in Administration within the professional setting. Brittany’s utilizes her experiences, both personally and professionally, within her position at Get Real and she is excited to help fellow addicts and alcoholics achieve lasting and joyful lives in sobriety.