Mindfulness is not a tool to get you through treatment, it is a tool to get you through life. One of the gifts of recovery is starting a new job or going back to work. Real world application of treatment skills is where your recovery is put to the test.

Try The Pomodoro Technique

Productivity and efficiency are key for getting through a work day and your long list of tasks. The Pomodoro technique is a productivity technique that cuts your work up in a healthy way which is efficient for your brain. Typically, it is a twenty-five-minute work sprint followed by a five-minute break. Each break has to be taken seriously, meaning, away from the computer, preferably off your phone, and moving around. During the twenty-five minutes, your full attention has to be on working and producing. Every three shifts, about every ninety minutes, you take a thirty-minute break. Techniques like this one help you to focus on the present and give your work the attention it needs. You can practice mindfulness to notice what distractions you have, how to refine your focus, and what makes the most out of your breaks.

Use Short Mindfulness Practices On Your Breaks

Many apps like Calm, Pacifica, and Headspace have short meditations and mindfulness practices which are five minutes or less. Taking your breaks, or intermittent breaks throughout the day to practice mindfulness will help you stay focused, manage any work stress, and keep the peace internally during recovery.

Value Attention Over Time

Using your time wisely can be misconstrued during a workday. You can set aside as many chunks of time as you want to execute a certain task. If you don’t use your attention wisely during that time, it will be wasted time. Extensions, apps, and journals can help you manage where your attention is going throughout the day. Time is precious. What you do with that time is even more invaluable.

Leave Yourself Mindful Notes And Reminders

Nothing like a good post-it note or a reminder on your phone to bring you back to the present moment. Leave yourself notes in precarious places reminding you to take a deep breath, do a quick mindfulness practice like noticing your feet on the floor, and finding three things to be grateful for.

Cultivate Gratitude

Gratitude is essential during the workday because it is too easy to become resentful. Work can be hard, coworkers can be difficult to work with, and any number of interruptions can put a twist in your day. Cultivating gratitude throughout the day helps you to stay encouraged, positive, and focused.

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