Are There Are Physical Symptoms Of Depression?

Depression - Get Real Recovery

Are There Are Physical Symptoms Of Depression?


Depression - Get Real RecoveryDepression is a mental health disorder which affects mind, body, and spirit. The brain and the body are intimately connected. What the brain feels the body also feels when it comes to depression. However, how the body portrays what the brain feels might be different.

Muscle Aches And Joint Pains

Depression is an extreme of emotions with heightened sensitivity. Having a lack of the production of essential brain chemicals for happiness can leave the body feeling down. One of the reasons muscles can be achy and joints can hurt is because of a heightened sensitivity to pain. Being overly emotional and sensitive can be physical as well.

Having No Energy

Depression can be draining. Many people experience lethargy, low energy, and feeling exhausted when their depression is at its words. Feeling down makes you literally feel down. It is difficult to muster the energy to perform basic self-care acts or life responsibilities.

Having Abundant Energy

Depression can come with an abundance of energy, even though the most popular image of depression is having no energy. Being completely overcome by depression is not the only way to experience depression. Many people are aware of their extreme emotions and heightened sensitivity and choose to act against it instead. Having high energy is sometimes a coping mechanism for dealing with difficult emotions.

Change In Skin Condition

Seeing a drastic change in skin condition can reflect emotional issues. Stress, depression, anxiety, can all cause acne, oily skin, and dry skin. Any drastic change in skin condition can be an indication of stress.

Changes In Weight

Depression can cause a lack of energy, which causes a lack of motivation, which causes a lack of exercise. Coupled with emotional eating and imbalanced hormones, depression can cause drastic weight gain. Conversely, depression can cause an issue with weight loss. No appetite, exercising to cope with depression, or not exercising and losing weight due to a drop in calories is another sign of depression.

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