Alcohol Rehab

Get the Best Quality Alcohol Rehab Experience With Us

When you come to Get Real Recovery, you will find yourself in a serene and comfortable environment.

During treatment at our Orange County alcohol rehab center, you will be working closely with our addiction doctors and therapists to learn how to live in recovery from alcoholism for the long term.

Our comfortable and inspiring setting in Orange County, CA is the preferred destination for men and women from all over the United States to get intensive ‘one-on-one’ treatment for an alcohol abuse disorder.

We accept most private (PPO insurance plans). We also have very reasonable 'private pay' rates. We do not accept medi-cal, medicare, or medicaid.


Joint Commission


Board Certified Addiction Specialist Dr. David Deyhimy, MD


Our caring intake counselor is waiting to speak with you.


➤ Safe Medical Detoxification

➤ Inspirational, Serene Setting

➤ Expert Nurses on Duty 24/7

➤ Intensive, Individualized Attention

➤ Licensed & Accredited

➤ Extended Continuum of Care

➤ Confidential Setting

➤ PPO Insurance Accepted


Detox in Safety & Comfort

You will be monitored 24/7 by our staff who will ensure as much comfort as possible, including the dispensation of medications that will ease the transition to sobriety (when appropriate).


Addiction Physicians

You will be under the care of our Board Certified Addiction Physician who can manage prescriptions and monitor your progress closely. We also have a great consulting psychiatrists to work with you in early recovery.


Counseling and Treatment

Our multidisciplinary staff of addiction therapists will work with you in ‘one-on-one’ settings as well as in small groups to address the underlying issues that are complicating your substance abuse.

Your Treatment Experience Will Include:

Intake and Assessment

During intake, you will be given a thorough assessment so we can learn more about personal history and identify any physical or psychological issues that we need to accommodate during treatment. We use this information to create a personalized detox and rehab program, which is continually adjusted as you make progress. Schedule an intake call with Get Real Recovery.

Medical Supervision and Medication Management

Our professional team of nurses is on hand 24/7 to monitor your health and well-being. With such frequent observation, we can make adjustments to your individual program (and medication, when appropriate) to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Get Real Recovery Employs a variety of therapists, doctors, and addiction clinicians who will be interacting with you during (and after) your treatment. Meet our team.

Individualized Attention

We will be working closely with you on a daily basis to track your progress and help you reach your goals. You will have several ‘one-on-one’ meetings per week with our addiction clinicians and their groups that we facilitate will be very small to ensure that you get individualized attention.

Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, therapists, and counselors will utilize a variety of therapeutic processes and activities to connect with you and facilitate change. Read more.

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Testimonial From a Get Real Recovery Success Story

"Get Real Recovery saved my life. Larry and Lori have been a huge part of my recovery and the information I learned here I have not heard anywhere else." – Brad

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From the initial detox through residential rehab and also for outpatient care, we will help you overcome addiction.

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