Small Group Therapy Sessions

Southern California Addiction Treatment Programs

Get Real Recovery offers full continuum of care and four levels of outpatient services. We understand that every client and family is different.

Small-Group Therapy Sessions

Understanding the recovery experience, as it relates to learning new information and skills to make sound health management decisions, is an important first step in developing learning plans for Clients and Patients.  This method is referred to as “Patient-Centered Learning” and it is driven by small group therapy sessions.

GRR truly understands how the disease process has affected lives and how our Clients are coping with the life changes that accompany it. Feeling overwhelmed with too much information to absorb is common. Perhaps they can’t understand some concepts or terms which may leave them feeling confused and apprehensive. They may also be wondering how they will be able to adapt to their new normal.

Engaging patients in their own healthcare can challenge healthcare professionals. It forces a shift from how patient education delivery is perceived. GRR recognizes those we teach as persons and partners. We help them move from being passive recipients of information to persons who actively engage in dialogue with their therapists about their emotional health, expectations, and goals. We encourage patients to share in their responsibility for their care, safety, and well-being.

Small group therapy sessions encourage patients to establish relationships with other members, creating long-term friendships, and improved self-awareness. As patients from a community and learn from each other, they realize the need to change and embrace the counselors’ and therapists’ teachings.

People who struggle with alcoholism, addiction, and trauma aren’t alone. Small-Group sessions allow patients to learn and grow together, strengthening the healing process.

Small Group Therapy Sessions can:

  • Strengthen the Client-therapist team relationship.
  • Promote communication about things that are meaningful to the Client.
  • Help Clients learn more about their disease and emotional health
  • Empower Clients to take an active role in managing their own recovery
    and enhance their recovery experience.

Ultimately, with patient-centered education through small group therapy sessions, GRR is setting Clients up to be best prepared to self-manage after discharge and successfully care for themselves at home.