Path to Recovery

Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery

What is Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery?

Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery is a powerful new tool in the fight against addiction. It is a virtual reality (VR) program in which individuals at drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities can feel as though they're actually face-to-face with Dr. Phil. (And, if you ask anyone who has ever been seated across from him, they'll tell you it was quite a wake-up call!) What does the program entail? The program is comprised of 29 total exercises. Each exercise has two parts:

  1. First, you will have a virtual "sit-down" with Dr. Phil, during which you will learn the keys to identifying and achieving the kind of life you really want. You'll leave these sessions feeling as though you just had an eye-opening and insightful conversation about your life with Dr. Phil.
  2. Next, there's an in-depth workbook exercise that will help you hone in on specific aspects of your life and way of thinking. You'll then discuss your answers with facility counselors.

How does it work?

Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery is not a standalone recovery program; it is an enhancement to in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Designed specifically for those struggling with addiction, it represents the culmination of more than four decades of experience Dr. Phil has working in the mental health profession and addiction recovery. It is meant to help people confront all of the problems in their life (not limited to addiction), identify the causes, and start working toward permanent solutions.

What virtual reality technology does it use?

We provide our patients with state-of-the-art headsets that we feel deliver the most realistic and comfortable experience for users. As the technology changes, we will continue to utilize the best products on the market.

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