On-Site Registered Nurses

24/7 Onsite Rehab Nursing Care

Onsite Rehab Registered Nurses


GRR makes every effort to stay ahead of industry changes particularly in regard to insurance policies. Insurance carriers are ever-morphing their policies and making it more and more challenging for subscribers to find treatment.  Many policies now require onsite rehab nursing care, and they do not come without additional terms.


Not only do treatment centers have to have nurses, they have to be RN’s or (registered nurses), not LVN’s (licensed vocational nurse).  Not only do they have to have RNs, they have to have them onsite. And not only do the RN’s have to be onsite, they have to be onsite 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


And GRR is in total agreement with these insurance carriers that believe in safety first and providing the highest quality of care available. That is why we elected to make the investment and hire full-time, around the clock high-level nursing care for our Clients, which meant hiring a fleet of registered nurses to supervise the detox and aftercare of the residential phase of our program.


Our nursing staff provides excellent care to our patients by meeting their individual, physical, spiritual and emotional needs through a holistic care model. This is accomplished by providing a multidisciplinary team approach that includes the physician, nurse, case manager, physical therapy, dietary, and social services.