FAA Approved Pilot Program

FAA Approved Pilot Recovery Program

Addiction Treatment For Pilots

Get Real Recovery's FAA-approved pilot recovery program was specifically designed for pilots who struggle with substance abuse. FAA approval, along with successful program attendance and completion, ensures their flying license will not be in jeopardy due to alcoholism or addiction.


Pilots have the highest success rate of long-term recovery of any profession. Pilots in recovery have a 92% long-term recovery rate with less than 10% having a relapse. This means that pilots have an 85% recovery rate the first time they undergo treatment.

Why GRR's FAA Approved Pilot Recovery Program?

Get Real Recovery has strong ties with the aviation community and is an FAA-approved recovery facility. Pilots with substance abuse issues that prove they conform to the High Standards of a “Special Issuance Medical Certificate” are able to return to flying. This privilege requires strict adherence to total abstinence from alcohol and mind-altering drugs.


Get Real Recovery is tasked to assess each pilot enrolled in the pilot recovery program, and provide documentation to FAA approved Addition Medical Doctors and Psychiatrist. Our Pilot Monitoring Program runs twice per week at night, so professional pilots can continue in day-to-day lives while tending to their addictions.

Flight To Transformation - Larry Smith
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Get Real Recovery’s CEO and co-founder Larry Smith, a licensed commercial pilot for over 40 years, specifically designed the pilot recovery program with the help of MDs and Psychiatrists, for pilots who struggle with substance abuse. Larry was personally involved with the United Airlines EAP program as an Air Line Pilots Association Representative for 14 years.

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