Executives Recovery Program

Executives Recovery Program for Professionals

Substance abuse can happen to anyone regardless of age and social status. People as young as teenage students and even people as old as veteran actors are not safe from the temptations of drug addiction. The same goes for alcoholism.  An accomplished professional may be engaged in uncontrolled drinking just as much as an unemployed person would. A research conducted by neuroscience professor David Linden, PhD even showed that the most driven professionals and executives have higher risks for substance abuse.  This is where our executives' recovery program comes in.

Hardworking professionals are more prone to alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Sometimes even to mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, as they are more susceptible to stress and mental exhaustion caused by the huge responsibilities they have in the workplace. However, because professionals like business executives are always busy, giving them treatment and rehabilitation requires a different approach so they can still have time for family and work.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment

We at Get Real Recovery understand that alcohol and drug rehab for professionals requires a different method. Our Executive Recovery Program is designed specifically for executives and licensed professionals who struggle with alcohol addiction and substance abuse. It also includes a track where they receive treatment and can continue to attend to any business needs they have. This program also values confidentiality and offers precise documentation of the rehabilitation process.

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Benefits of Our Executive Recovery Program

Our Executives Recovery Program has several benefits, including the following:

  • Patients participate in group therapy where they can share sentiments with fellow professionals suffering from substance abuse and/or mental health conditions.
  • Patients are given activities that can help divert their attention from the habitual intake of the addictive substance.
  • Patients receive medical assistance during detoxification process.
  • All meals are provided by the Executive Recovery Program so patients can focus on their own recovery.
  • Rehabilitation from substance abuse saves a highly-skilled professional from wasting his or her potential.

Who Should Sign Up for the Program?

Licensed professionals and business executives suffering from alcohol dependency, drug addiction, and/or mental health conditions who would like to keep coming to work during the rehabilitation process are recommended to consider signing up for an Executive Recovery Program at Get Real Recovery.


If you are a professional suffering from substance abuse or you know someone who is, then we recommend that you contact us at Get Real Recovery today so we can give you or your loved one the right rehabilitation assistance as soon as possible!

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