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Drug and Alcohol Detox and Recovery Treatment

Substance abuse damages one’s body and central nervous system and the physical repercussions can be serious and life threatening. As a result, it is extremely dangerous for someone to detoxify from alcohol, opiates, and benzos especially in the first 72 hours. A thorough assessment is required before undertaking a detox program from any addictive substance. GRR's drug and alcohol detox program is specifically designed to cleanse the body of alcohol and drugs.  We employ medical and holistic therapies.

High-Quality Drug Detox and Alcohol Detox & Treatment

Get Real Recovery offers a medically supervised drug and alcohol detox program.  Our detox programs have been designed to create a comfortable and therapeutic safe haven.  Clients then are cleansed of drugs and alcohol from their systems.  Our up-scale detox homes are staffed 24/7 with support and medical staff members.

Recover long term from your life-threatening drug and alcohol dependence and stop drinking, stop using.  At GRR we will assist with your alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms.  Anti-craving medications are offered and carefully supervised by a board-certified addictionologist. 

Our staff members include our Medical Director, A Board Certified Addiction Medicine Doctor, Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, LPN, RN, LVN, LMFT, Master Level and Advanced Level Addiction Counselors.

We Can Aid in Your Recovery From…

Don't stop cold turkey, we can aid in detoxification from alcohol, illegal substances, and most prescription drugs, including but not limited to: opiate pills, heroin, suboxone/subutex, alcohol, methamphetamine, amphetamine, marijuana, benzodiazepines, hallucinogens, and more. Experiencing drug tolerance and dependency, then please reach out for help and call us.

Our detox homes are staffed 24/7 with support and medical staff members who provide for successful, enriched healing.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Common drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms that may be present during the initial phase of the detoxification program include muscle tension, tightness in the chest, lethargy, difficulty breathing, tremors, anxiety, increased heart rate, depression, erratic behavior, irritability, insomnia, and headaches.

The withdrawal symptoms vary by substance and are not the same from one individual to the next. Every individual experience detox withdrawal symptoms differently; as such, our team will create an individualized plan to meet your specific needs.

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Why is Detox Necessary?

The use of drugs and/or alcohol over a period of time creates many changes within one’s body. Neurologically, these substances can affect the natural chemical functioning of the brain and can cause dependency on the substance itself.  When the body becomes accustomed to a particular substance, physically and mentally over time this substance becomes a life force to users. This is a very dangerous cycle and the body becomes so accustomed to the constant use of the substance that ceasing its use is oftentimes dangerous and can even cause death. A professional, medical detox program is the only way to ensure one’s health and survival remains intact.

How Do I know if the Brain is Permanently Damaged?

The human body and mind is a wondrous machine that has every capacity to heal. The healing process, however, differs for each individual.  A client’s alcohol detox, drug detox, and recovery processes are dependent upon specific circumstances. These individual factors include age, amount and length of time using, in addition, what substances were abused and also, how dedicated the addict is to recover and stick to a clean, healthy lifestyle.

During the detoxification process, symptoms obviously vary per case but may reveal underlying present mental health issues. This is a vital part of the detox process, getting to the root cause of why the client turned to substances initially. Thus, many alcohol and drug detox treatment programs not only focus on the physical cleansing process.  They also encompass mental health assessment and treatment (including care by psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors).

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), addiction should be treated like any other chronic illness that affects the brain and body. Unfortunately, a lot of addicts are prone to relapse.  This is why the first detox is so crucial to pave the way for a change. Addicts need to continue their recovery in a treatment setting so they receive clinical help.  Identifying and managing their triggers and staying sober through all of the life’s circumstances is what's needed. Just like someone with a previous case of depression checks in and monitors their moods to avoid negative behaviors, alike, addicts, and alcoholics need to continually stay aware of their recovery.

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What You Need To Know

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) National Survey on Drug Use and Health, it is quite alarming to know that a lot of people who need treatment for drug and alcohol use do not actually receive the care they need. However, it is important that treatment is the first priority to revive the mental and physical health of the abuser. Family and friend support can go a long way in helping an addict endure the road to recovery. This can be a rather tender area for loved ones, however, a mature and proactive approach in facilitating a course of action can be truly beneficial and life changing. If the abuser has limited family or friend support, it is crucial that they find it within themselves to seek the care required to turn their life sober.

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Get Real Recovery offers a full continuum of care including detox, residential- inpatient, and four levels of outpatient services. We understand that every client and family is different and, GRR is here to help!

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