Individual Christian Drug Rehab Track

Christian Drug Rehab

Christ-Centered Recovery for Any Denomination

Drug and alcohol addiction are equal opportunity offenders. They impact people from all walks of life, including many devout and practicing Christians. These individuals may seek refuge and rescue within their own faith, but this does not eliminate the need for clinical intervention; indeed, both faith and medicine can play a role in addiction recovery, which is exactly what our Christ-centered individual drug rehab tracks offer.

Get Real Recovery has tracks to accommodate a wide range of rehabilitative needs—and that includes treatment options geared specifically toward those with Christian beliefs. No matter your denomination or faith tradition, Get Real Recovery offers a clinically proven and data- driven approach to long-lasting freedom from addiction.

What is Christian Substance Abuse Recovery?

What makes a Christian substance abuse recovery program unique? It’s a blend of medical intervention with spiritual counseling methods—brought together to provide a seamless, holistic approach to recovery. Thus, the individual in a Christian drug recovery program might go to counseling, group therapy sessions, and even embark on a 12-step program, but at the same time, he or she will engage in prayer, Bible reading, meditation, and a curriculum that is shaped by Christian beliefs. Fellowship with like-mind believers can also play a significant role here.

The goal, as ever, is long-lasting freedom from addiction. In addition to overcoming substance abuse, however, clients in our individual Christian drug recovery program will also seek to restore their faith life. A struggle with addiction can be shattering to personal belief, but through our program, we’ll bring spiritual healing—and work to restore the client’s trust in Jesus Christ. Christian mentors and therapists will play an invaluable role here, ensuring the rehabilitative process progresses through both the physical and spiritual realms.

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Christian Drug Rehab Track or Program?

In selecting an addiction recovery program, there are different options available—and most of them can be categorized either as tracks or as programs.

A Christian track is very similar to the “secular” version of our treatment program, but gives individuals the option to individualize it and make Jesus its focus; for example, Christ can be claimed as the specific “Higher Power” in the 12-step program, prayers can be incorporated into daily treatments, etc.

A Christian program is more distinctive from the ground up, and caters specifically to believers at every level; the entire curriculum and structure of this program is based on Christian belief, but there is often less of a focus on clinically proven practices.

Christ-Centered Rehabilitation with Get Real Recovery

At Get Real Recovery, we believe that freedom from addiction is possible for anyone, and we open our doors to clients from all walks of life. For Christian believers, we want them to know that we are deeply respectful of their faith and its practice, and want to provide them with a recovery structure they feel 100 percent comfortable with—one that leads to the restoration of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

We are proud to offer Christian recovery tracks here, because we believe that this approach is ultimately more versatile and more valuable than a Christian program. Through a Christian track, our clients can experience the best of both worlds—clinically robust methodologies, but also a deep commitment to the teachings of Christ and His Church.

No matter the nature or extent of your addiction, hope is available to you—hope for freedom, and for a restored relationship with the Lord. To learn more about this option, we encourage you to contact Get Real Recovery and ask about our individual Christian addiction recovery program today.

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