Alumni Support

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Get Real Recovery offers full continuum of care and four levels of outpatient services. We understand that every client and family is different.

Alumni Recovery Program & Support

Recovery is a lifelong journey—not something that anyone can achieve overnight. In fact, the first five years of sobriety are generally considered to be early recovery. During this stage, it’s typical to still be mastering key behaviors, lifestyle patterns, coping skills, and relationship skills that aid in living a full, healthy, and sober life. It is also typical to need ongoing support- from friends, family, and beyond and our alumni recovery program.

At Get Real Recovery, we are committed to supporting our clients even after they leave our program. As you transition from outpatient treatment into “regular life”—and as you navigate those key developments of early recovery—we invite you to stay connected with us. Get the encouragement, education, and ongoing sense of community you need from the Get Real Alumni Recovery Program.

Benefits for GRR Alumni

There are a number of specific benefits that we offer including each of the following:

  • Alumni meetings. Join with other Get Real Recovery alums on a regular basis; stay connected, and get the encouragement you need from people who know what you’re going through.
  • Fun events. Foster lifelong friendships through a variety of fun, clean-and-sober events.
  • Social media networks. Stay connected with other Get Real Recovery alums through our various social media groups!
  • Sober living referrals. When you need a counselor, therapist, or sober living community in your area, our experts are happy to make some recommendations.

The Alumni Program at a Glance

What does the Get Real Recovery Alumni Recovery Program offer, exactly? It’s really about empowering and supporting clients who are in early recovery, something we do through monthly meetings, special events, and more.

Those who are members of the Alumni support group will have opportunities to attend special classes and Q&As, where skill development is encouraged. Service opportunities are also part of the alumni program, as are chances to have good, clean, sober fun.

More than anything else, the Alumni network exists to keep our clients connected to us and to each other. helps to ensure they always know there are people they can turn to for understanding and for compassion.

It’s really like a family. We love how it’s come together, and we delight in seeing new clients take advantage of this program.

Stay Connected Through Sobriety

Recovery isn’t something you can do alone. It’s more effective—and more fun—when you share the journey with other people who’ve been there. That’s ultimately what the Get Real Recovery Alumni Program is about.

We ask that you contact us if:

  • You are a Get Real Recovery alumnus who is struggling with sobriety, or who simply wants to connect with like-minded individuals,
  • You are an alumnus who would like to speak or to share your story at one of our events, or
  • You or a loved one is seeking addiction treatment and care