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Drug & Alcohol Detox

Substance abuse damages one’s body and the physical repercussions are serious. It is extremely dangerous for someone to detox from alcohol, opiates and benzos. A thorough assessment is required before detox from any addictive substance. Get Real Recovery’s drug and alcohol detox program has been specifically designed to cleanse the body of alcohol and drugs through medical and holistic therapies.

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Executive Program

Get Real Recovery’s Executive Program was designed specifically for professionals who struggle with substance abuse, so they can get the help they need in an environment tailored to their personal and business needs.

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Full Day Outpatient Program

Clients enrolled in our full day outpatient program, formally what we call PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), attend programming Monday through Saturday for 8 hours each day. Most clients attend PHP level of care once they have completed detox and residential treatment at Get Real Recovery.

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Get Real Recovery Half-Day Outpatient Program

Half-Day Outpatient (IOP)

Our half-day treatment option, or what we call IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), allows clients to attend groups while they transition back into their lives outside of treatment. IOP takes place 5 days per week for 3 hours each day.

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Get Real Recovery Outpatient Program

Outpatient Program

The Outpatient Program is the final phase of our program and allows clients to be supported as they continue to stay sober while attending school, work or other outside activities.

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FAA Approved Pilot Program

This program was specifically designed for pilots who struggle with substance abuse. FAA approval, along with successful program attendance and completion, ensures their flying license will not be in jeopardy due to alcoholism or addiction.

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Get Real Recovery Residential Program (small)

Residential Program

We offer a full-continuum of care at Get Real Recovery, including residential treatment that takes place in our licensed facility within a quiet neighborhood in San Juan Capistrano located in Southern California.  The home sits on an acre of land and is staffed 24/7 so addicts receive on-site, specialized care throughout their stay.

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Dual Diagnosis Program

Dual diagnosis is a term used in treatment for individuals with more than one condition at a time, specifically those who suffer from substance abuse as well as mental health issues.

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Southern California Addiction Treatment Programs

Get Real Recovery offers full continuum of care including: detox, residential- inpatient, and four levels of outpatient services. We understand that every client and family is different.

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