Addicted to Drugs

You Might be Addicted to Drugs if:

      1. Your use of drugs is no longer recreational: Recovering addicts who are addicted to drugs often share a similar sentiment: using drugs was fun until it wasn’t fun anymore. You might have noticed that using drugs is no longer a party. There is no more novelty in the process of buying drugs and using them. The experience of being high doesn’t feel unique anymore. Drug abuse has become a normal way of life for you, and you aren’t sure how.
      2. You cannot go a day without using drugs: Drug use isn’t something you do occasionally. If you’ve become addicted to drugs, drug use is something you do every day. Like brushing your teeth, eating lunch, or blinking your eyes, you cannot go a day without using drugs. When you do, everything feels off and life simply doesn’t feel right.
      3. When you wake up in the morning, you cannot start to function without drugs: One of the signs of chemical dependency is not being able to function without drugs. Problematically, people often believe that addiction only happens when everything falls apart. Scientifically, drug addiction happens when the brain and body become chemically dependent upon drugs. If you wake up and cannot function normally until you’ve put drugs into your system, you have become chemically dependent upon them.
      4. You’ve developed a tolerance and are in need of more drugs: Tolerance is what happens when the number of drugs even prescription drugs you are used to taking to achieve a certain high doesn’t work anymore. You have to increasingly increase the number of drugs you are taking to feel high at all, let alone a high that satisfies your need. Tolerance can seem to happen in a day. Even if you don’t use every day in high quantities, if you’re using regularly, a tolerance will still build.
      5. You experience symptoms of withdrawal when you try to go a day without drugs: Shaking, cravings, sickness, anxiety, depression, sweating– all of these things can be withdrawal symptoms. Another hallmark of chemical dependency is the presentation of withdrawal symptoms when going without drugs for too long.
      6. When you aren’t using drugs you find yourself obsessing about them: Obsession is part of the equation with addiction. The brain becomes fixated on obtaining and using drugs. You may not be completely fiending for your drug of choice, but you find yourself thinking about it all the time from the moment after you use to the moment right before you do. Eventually, you even think about it while you’re high, terrified of having to go through the cycle again.
      7. You’ve tried stopping using drugs but you can’t: The ultimate sign of drug addiction is losing control over your drug use. You’ve tried to cut back but endured symptoms of withdrawal. You tried to quit, but the detox was too much. No matter what you try, nothing seems to work. You cannot stop using drugs and you’re not sure you’d be able to do it on your own.


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