About Us

Southern California Addiction Treatment Programs

Get Real Recovery offers full continuum of care and four levels of outpatient services. We understand that every client and family is different.

About Get Real Recovery

Get Real Recovery helps create specialized treatment plans to meet the individual needs of every person. Our clients will receive more personal attention in small focused groups and individual therapy sessions than in large institutional facilities. Our clients rave about the personal attention and care they receive from our dedicated clinical and administrative teams.

Real Life Experience

We know that every individual is unique; the ravages of addiction are chronic, progressive and without help – can be terminal. Get Real Recovery is the beginning of a new chapter and a new life for you and your loved one. We provide excellent help from the first phone call through real recovery solutions. GRR offers one year of aftercare at no cost for clients completing our program.

Our Mission

The Get Real Mission is to provide safe, confidential and quality-driven treatment help in a caring environment for individuals in need of substance abuse treatment. Our programs are designed to allow the individual to smoothly transition through every phase of their treatment plan.

Structured Programming

We love what we do and we know what works. Recovery demands structure from the moment we wake up until we place our head on the pillow each evening. Our outpatient programs create a consistent daily structure that retrains the brain to adapt to new behaviors that in turn creates new neural pathways in the brain. GRR understands that repetition and routine provides a person with a strong foundation that will continue into their long-term recovery. We provide a structure with the combination of outpatient Incidental Medical Services, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Holistic Healing, 12-Step Principles, Individual Therapy Sessions and Life Skills Training.

Flexible Scheduling

Get Real Recovery has various levels of care and will look at your specific situation to determine what program schedule will work best for you. We offer morning, afternoon and evening outpatient group and individual therapy sessions. We offer a free admissions assessment to discuss our various programming options. Depending on where you or your loved one is with their treatment or recovery, we can offer full-day treatment to evening outpatient programming. We help people who are entering treatment for the first time to those who are attending work or school. We are standing by to discuss all of the options that we offer. Call the Admissions Team today for a free confidential assessment and insurance check.

Small Group Sizes

The Get Real Recovery treatment programs were designed to provide more intimate and smaller group sizes offering more individualized care. The small staff to patient ratio allows for more comfort and close monitoring thus, a better move towards your recovery.

When recovering from addiction or dual diagnosis we understand that having intimate groups will provide for increased comfort and security during the treatment process. Our commitment to maintaining a small group size small is why Get Real Recovery is set apart from other addiction and dual diagnosis treatment programs.

The smaller group setting also allows each of our clients get lots of personal attention and meaningful guidance. In addition, all groups and individual counseling is led by highly qualified therapists and counselors