– April 01, 2017

Spirituality doesn’t have to be the focus of your life in order to use spiritual tools. Many practical tools in recovery have spiritual roots. By continuing to develop your use of these tools you create an open flow for life to happen, and for you to go along with it.

Practice Stress Management: Relieving stress can be a spiritual experience. Feeling relaxed after a period of high stress is something close to spiritual. You don’t have to wait until your next vacation or work break to feel the freedom from stress. Stress is a human chemical reaction, but it is also a choice. Stress management can be done utilizing a number of tools which you will pick up in treatment. Take a deep breath, practice grounding techniques, and organize your stress load in a productive way. You can have relief in an instant as you continue practicing letting go of stress.

Build An Environment Of Humility: Humility is about being humble. Humble is about bringing yourself back down to size. Pride, ego, false pride, and fear, can ruffle our feathers and puff our chests, so to speak. Creating an environment of humility means you are practicing recognizing a spiritual tenet: that you are no more and no less than others, and the world around you.

Get Comfortable With Uncertainty: Change is the only constant. It is inevitable. As a result, you live in an uncertain world. Recovery focuses on a mantra which talks about serenity coming from accepting what cannot be changed and having the courage to change what can. Uncertainty is just a part of life. Learning to make peace with uncertainty means making peace with life, which opens you up to a whole new way of living.

Become More Resilient: Resiliency is the strength you develop to cope with life’s twists and turns. Uncertainty can take you by surprise and knock you down. There is a way to be prepared to receive whatever happens in life. Sometimes, you’re just caught off guard. It’s human. Resiliency is the way you bounce back up, get into the game, and play again.

Develop Patience: You might get knocked down more times than you would like. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. We have to wait for things to happen, for change to occur, even though change is happening all around us all the time. Patience is the way we stay grounded and connected to the present moment and what is most important as we wait.

Get Real Recovery wants to help you develop the tools you need to live a successful life in sobriety. From residential detox and residential inpatient to outpatient services, we provide a continuum of care operating at a luxury, high end clinical level. For more information, call 866-983-3651.


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