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Get Real Recovery offers individualized addiction treatment methods, designed to empower our clients and help them get through this difficult time in their lives. Our goal is to create a safe, serene and therapeutic environment so that healing and recovery can take place. We offer a full continuum of care including four levels of outpatient services.

Addiction Treatment for Loved Ones

The causes for drug addiction are numerous and could include trauma, environmental factors, or simply a genetic predisposition. Find out more about addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment for Myself

Alcohol addiction can seem inescapable — yet there is always hope. No matter how severely alcoholism has impacted you, treatment can be sought, and recovery possible.

Get Real Recovery Programs for Addiction Treatment

The Outpatient Program (OP) is the final phase of our recovery processes at Get Real Recovery that allows clients to be supported as they continue to stay sober while attending school, work or other outside activities. At Get Real Recovery we have Full Day Programs (PHP), Half Day Programs (IOP), and Outpatient Programs.
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Dual diagnosis is a term used in treatment for individuals with more than one condition at a time, specifically those who suffer from substance abuse as well as mental health issues. At Get Real Recovery, our dual diagnosis program addresses both illnesses at once, thus promoting a more thorough treatment plan. Clients see our Psychiatrist at least once per week.
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Individualized Care & Planning

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We understand that making the decision to get help for yourself or your loved one is a big step. Our Admissions Team will walk you through each phase and customize your treatment based on your history and your needs. We provide you top of the line care from the first phone call to graduation from our program. We provide real recovery solutions.

Treatment Programs at Get Real Recovery


At our addiction treatment center we have an experienced treatment team consisting of experts in the the Drug & Alcohol rehabilitation field.

Get Real Recovery's Mission Statement


The Get Real Mission is to provide individualized addiction & dual diagnosis holistic treatment programs in a safe and therapeutic environment. We are focused on providing comprehensive treatment to those suffering from substance abuse and addiction. We serve our clients by offering every level of the best addiction treatment available.

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Get Real Recovery offers a full continuum of care including four levels of outpatient services. We understand that every client and family is different.

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